I am an Ordained Minister Now

I had a few drinks one night and offered to get ordained so I could perform a vow renewal ceremony for some friends.

My official title is: Evangelist – Doctor of Motivation

I got a kit (below) with the following


  • Clergy lanyard (to get me into clubs lol)
  • Clergy Membership Card
  • Parking pass for my car (some places give free parking to clergy)
  • Ministers handbook for ceremonies
  • Some marriage, vow renewal, baptism and declaration of love certificates
  • Official Seals for above certificates
  • A CD (which I haven’t played yet)
  • A Textbook
  • A final exam I must complete


The ordination was free, but the above kit cost me $120 which I gladly sprung for. Sometimes you just have to do something unusual 🙂


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