My New Car – 2009 Mercedes C300 4Matic

brads-carMountains Photo

I bought a 2009 C300 4Matic to replace my BMW 525i. I have had the car for a few days now and I have fallen in love with Mercedes again. This car is WAY nicer. I got it loaded with the AMG sport package, ipod integration, navigation system, Sirrius and Harmon Kardon 450 watt sound system.

This car is fast with it’s 7 speed transmission and it corners so nicely.

The ipod integration is a nice touch. Your ipod goes into the glove box and your playlists show up on the nav screen. You can select songs and it shows all kinds of track information.  Also the car has impeccable voice recognition technology.

My wife has an ML320 Mercedes and the Nav menu, and Sirrius menu are not half as nice as this one. Now we are that couple with his and hers Mercedes Benzes in the garage.

  •  Excellent choice on your new vehicle. Mercedes Benz is known as one of the most trusted brand names in the auto industry today. Enjoy your new car and safe driving!

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