How to make your affiliate links pretty

Many people like to keep the look of their sites clean. This can sometimes mean going as far as to make your outgoing links appear internal. While many different methods exist for this I am going to show the one I use most often. It involves the following.

1. A folder on any domain you own. (in this example I am using the “out” folder)
2. an .htaccess file in that folder

Here is what you do. Create an empty text document in notepad or other plain text editor. For each link you wish to redirect you will need to insert a line like this:

Redirect /out/title-for-your-link/

Change the information to suit your needs. Then save the file as htaccess and upload to the out folder. Once uploaded rename the file to .htaccess 
Now when you link to your internal link it looks like this: Title For Your Link You may repeat this process with a new line for each redirect you want to have.
  • So using this method does this actually cloak the link also?

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