I Have a German Ketchup Fetish


This is a photograph I took today of my current refrigerator ketchup inventory. I love ketchup, AND I love curry. Until recently I had no idea these two incredible tasting things came in the same bottle. Thanks to my friend Roman for pointing that out.

My friend (and enabler) Aileen is a flight attendant. Traveling the world with just one purpose, to find me exotic ketchups. It seems like every month or 2 there are new brands and flavors of curry ketchup to choose from.

The latest is the Steak and Grill Curry ketchup (second from the right) which is now my new favorite barbecue sauce.

Where I live in Canada ketchup comes in 2 flavors. Regular and spicy. So I have to get Curry ketchups from Germany.

Dear Heinz,

Please try curry ketchup on the shelves here. I alone will buy enough to justify the expense 😉

Brad Gosse

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