A Small Change in Grip Improved My Golf Swing

golf-swingУтепление крыши деревянного дома

I used to think golf was an old mans game. I also used to think 35 was old. So now I enjoy a game of golf once in a while but not as often as I should.

My dad is an excellent golfer. He has been golfing for as long as I can remember and plays on a regular basis every summer. I always enjoy golfing with my dad and got to again recently. I was not hitting the ball very well until he noticed a problem with how I was holding the club. He showed me that by interlocking my right pinkie finger and my left index finger I would hold the club straighter when winding up to hit the ball.

Anyway I complained that it just didn’t feel right, then I proceeded to hit the ball thinking it would go nowhere. I ended up hitting the ball 250+ yards. The lesson is that subtle changes in your methods can make a massive impact on results, not just in golf but life and business too.

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