Untapped Human Brain Potential?


Most of us go through life never understanding our true potential. Sometimes we have to hear stories of people who have done extraordinary things to make us wake up to see our own potential.

I had the privilege of speaking with a nurse at a party this weekend. My mother is an RN so I am always fascinated with nurses and their stories. This woman works with head injury patients and had some outrageous stories.

One patient who only spoke english came out of head trauma speaking fluent German, Japanese and French. His hospital roommate was German and they began to converse, the German man swears his roommates German is flawless.

Think about this for a second. In a state of shock your brain can make you speak languages you never learned consciously.
I googled this in disbelief but it turns out this happens more often than you may think.

Consider Czechoslovakian Matej Kus’s 17, was hit hard on the head in a racing accident – and came to speaking perfect English.

Some questions come to mind.

Do we already know these things and just don’t use them?
Is knowledge omnipresent?
How can we tap these skills without cracking our skulls?
Is this all urban legend?

I will be working on an experiment that involves very large clubs and subjects without helmets. Stay tuned 😉

  • Science

    Which one Mr. Patch? While I do "Believe" that all living organisms have their own gifts such as a Cheetah's rapid speed, or the strength of a muscle bound Gorilla I unfortunately do not believe that it is by the doing of one miraculous being who so happened to make us in his image. As homosapiens our gift is a brilliant mind. The only thing Mr. Gosse' story hints toward is the fact that the human intellect is capable of reaching incredible heights if truly tapped into. I guess what i'm trying to say Mr. Patch is that this has nothing to do with faith so please spare us your teachings.

  • David Patch

    Hello Mr. Gosse. Just read your story. Absolutely fascinating. I'm a fan of the show Heroes on NBC, and a believer that God can help us all to tap into great potential. He gives us many gifts. We learn to use them, and achieve our maximum potential. I believe your story hints at this.

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