How I got Google Slapped For 1 Full Year

Learn how I had a site added to Google’s “sandbox” for a full year and how you can avoid my mistakes.

  • Jai

    eye opener Brad :)

  • I am currently - and have been for nearly a year - working to fix a penalised site that used a black hat company to place thousands of links to their website.

    They were not paid links as such, but they were not from irrelevant sites and were acquired very quickly.

    I have been wondering for some time now if there is a one year menu filter that could be applied and I'm finding more and more evidence that there is.

    There was a period a few months back where the website went straight into the SERPS in the number one position, but after a few days, went back down to the third page.

    I'm now thinking that the site is on a -30 penalty (which I know to exist) and wondering what will happen in February, on the anniversary of the penalty being applied.

    Right now the site currently sits in position 30, so hopefully, when this [penalty is removed, it will be in position 1.

  • Hey Brad, thanks for the video. I guess Google only wants us buying text ads from them! :)

    In all seriousness, this is interesting to me because I have a site where I sell text ads, and my advertisers INSIST that I do not put the Nofollow in their link. I guess they're using it to build their Google ranking. I'd imagine if they only do it a little bit, Google might not catch them, but it is a risk...

  • Dave

    I'm not 100% getting this as I'm kinda new to all of this.

    With your site, you were originally finding quality sites / blogs to trade links with?
    So you put a link to them and they to you? Or did you purchase links?

    And were the links the high quality kind on the homepage and all other pages?

    And then you switched to purchasing text links, were you using some website that provides this?
    some website that has thousands of websites selling text links?

    I hope you can explain, thank you.

  • admin

    I was originally trading yes. Then I got greedy and bought backlinks. Not huge volume but from people who sold them publicly.

  • Julia

    Hey Brad - great video, thanks for sharing that. When you say you bought links - do you mean you bought a backlinks packet like Angela's Backlinks? Or were you actually making deals with websites where you purchased links from them?

  • Brad Gosse

    Julia thanks for your comment.

    I mean buying from someone who specifically sold links on their sites.

  • Brad,

    You know this is going to lead to the discussion of how your competitors can easily lead Google to slap your site if they went out and purchase links on your behalf - what's your take on this?

    In any case, I'm glad that you are back up!

    Thanks for sharing this.


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