100 Life Goals (in no particular order)

  1. Retire and open an animal sanctuary with my wife
  2. Spend an entire year traveling with my wife
  3. Tell my parents they never have to work again
  4. Visit Japan
  5. Visit Egypt
  6. Own a Gulfstream G550 Jet
  7. Own a home in Los Angeles
  8. Own a home in Grand Cayman
  9. Orbit the earth
  10. Become a well known photographic artist
  11. Own a Maserati
  12. Have the choice to walk on the beach whenever I want
  13. Skydive
  14. Drive a race car on a race track
  15. Cover some of my tattoos
  16. Write a book and publish it
  17. Visit China
  18. Visit India
  19. Learn Spanish
  20. Learn Japanese
  21. Help 1000 people become millionaires
  22. Help 10 (+ me) become billionaires
  23. Pick up a bass guitar again and join a punk band
  24. Direct a movie
  25. Act in a movie
  26. Produce a documentary
  27. Have a personal chef
  28. Learn the real truth behind 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, Iraq and Afghanistan
  29. Invent a vegan egg
  30. Run a marathon (maybe half)
  31. Earn 2 million dollars in a single day
  32. Go to circus school
  33. Go on a Nappa Valley wine tour
  34. Buy my mom a new house and Vespa scooter
  35. Become a Big Brother
  36. Become a youth Mentor
  37. Become a motivational speaker
  38. Start my own religion for tax exempt status
  39. Volunteer to help a political campaign
  40. Do a stand up routine on amateur night
  41. Learn to dance with my wife
  42. Get my home off the grid
  43. Achieve enlightenment
  44. Meditate every day
  45. Invent something to help the world
  46. Spend a year on my yacht with my wife, family and friends
  47. Reinvent the education system
  48. Buy an island
  49. Take a bar tending course
  50. Learn to shoot handguns and rifles professionally
  51. Create a website that gets used by a large percentage of the population daily
  52. Take flying lessons
  53. Run every morning
  54. Visit Amsterdam
  55. Visit Russia
  56. Help my wife open her dream bakery
  57. Learn to surf
  58. Snowboard and surf in the same day
  59. Learn to hang glide
  60. Fight city hall and win
  61. Take a 1 year vow of silence
  62. Become a yoga instructor
  63. Read the bible
  64. Read the Koran
  65. Read Dianetics
  66. Write a screenplay
  67. Build a treehouse
  68. Learn to play football
  69. Fly a fighter jet
  70. Help orphaned children
  71. Discover the link between thoughts and frequencies
  72. Spend a day with Tony Robbins
  73. Spend a day with Steve Jobs
  74. Have lunch with Larry Ellison
  75. Spend a day with Deepak Chopra
  76. Spend a day with Metallica
  77. Be a guest on a TV talk show
  78. Attend the Oscars
  79. Take up gardening
  80. Learn Tai Chi
  81. Learn fencing
  82. Learn to box
  83. Learn to decorate cakes
  84. Live to see a world without wars
  85. Have lunch with the dog whisperer
  86. Create a television commercial
  87. Go scuba diving
  88. Visit Hawaii
  89. Visit Australia
  90. Visit Fiji
  91. Help poor families
  92. Play with large cats (tiger, lion etc.)
  93. Go on a safari in Africa
  94. Use my billions to solve a major world problem
  95. Leave a legacy behind in some form of a foundation
  96. Learn sign language
  97. Learn to play drums
  98. Build my dream home
  99. Go waterskiing
  100. Die of old age
  • Very nice list, actually has given me some ideas for my list which is available here: http://www.mybigambitions.c...

  • AGRAY0038

    just wanted to say this is a good thing your doing brad. hope im one of the people you help make a million air. I made a list of 100 things i wanna do. if you wanna check them out, add me on facebook. AGRAY0038@yahoo.com

  • Hey Brad, this is a great list. I just came across your site and am enjoying your articles.

    Funny how some of the things we want to do in life are universal. I have some of the same things as you on my list: http://www.ameaningfulexist...

    Creating this list is very important, which is why it was the first thing I told my reader to do for the start of the challenge. Knowing what you want to be, do, accomplish in life is half the battle. Figuring out how you will do it comes next :-)

    Are you able to now cross off anything from the list?


  • Thanks Karen :)

    I am working on #44 Meditate every day quite well so far.


  • I am surprised by the combination of some of the Goals, but that's why we are all different and want to experience a combination of things before we hit the sack for good.

    I am ahead with about 3-4 points of your list, especially the ones with show biz and photography etc. Quite a few to go, but still my list looks a bit different than yours :-)

    Thanks for SEO tips and such

  • Md

    Hi Brad,

    Great list. Some of your goals are already on my own list as well! I got to your site from the Warrior forum. I'm from Toronto as well and just wanted to say you are doing a great job at putting Toronto more on the map. As it relates to the internet marketing business. I would love to attend one of your seminars, but I'm low on that kind of cash. I'll watch out for any helpful WSOs!

    Take care :)

  • Jan

    Hi Brad, some nice goals there, I like the personal chef idea. The coaching group is just great! I plan to be one of those first 1000 people so thanks in advance :)

  • Hey Brad great list here, you know what I'll like to be one of those 1000 millionaires ^_^, and I can help you with your spanish. Great !! this has been a good reading.

  • Brad Gosse

    Awesome, I will make you rich then you can teach me Spanish :)

  • We have many goals the same Brad, Ill have to update my list shortly ! :)

  • This is a sweet list! I share some of the same.

    I have been to Japan, so I got one on you, haha.

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