My Perfect Life

In my perfect life I am independently wealthy (meaning I can’t spend the interest on my money faster than it accumulates). I live on a beach somewhere maybe even an island I own. I fly a helicopter which gets me to the closest international airport so I can travel. I am retired so I don’t work. My “work” now consists of helping animals in need, helping people in need and photographing the beautiful and ugly things the world needs to be exposed to.


I live with my wife Claire and countless stray dogs, cats, horses and other animals we have saved. We sleep in until the sun wakes us, spend time on the beach, read books and watch movies. I am writing my novel and considering a one year vow of silence.


It’s morning and the phone rings, it’s Oprah, she wants me to do ANOTHER show but I am not interested in flying out to hang with that bitch so I tell her producers I am too busy. Instead I decide to spend the day on my beach.


I am hungry so I go pick some fresh fruit, and make breakfast for Claire. Waffles, fresh fruit and fingerling potatoes. A tasty vegan breakfast. Then I spend the rest of my morning out on the jet ski watching sea turtles. For lunch we have tofu egg salad wraps made by our private chef. In the afternoon we go for a long walk around the island with the dogs.


For dinner our chef prepares something new that is amazing. We toast our chef over Champagne and reflect on how grateful we are to have this fantastic life. In the evening we have a fire pit and our friends from neighboring islands come over by boat to hang out. I fall asleep outside and Claire wakes me up to go to bed. Our bedroom let’s the ocean air flow through the windows making sleep extra peaceful.


I will stop here 😉

  • Sounds great mate... lets get there !

  • Rich

    Sounds like a great life, but I still think Richard Branson's is the one to beat :)

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