From Jail and Despair to Internet Millionaire.

I want to introduce you to my good friend Mark Lyford.

Mark and I met in Vegas a decade ago when we were both doing very well in the adult niche. Over the years we have bumped into each other in Vegas, Bahamas and Los Angeles.

That is until Mark went to prison.

Mark hit a few bumps in the road with his business. He went from making millions to almost going bankrupt. This forced him to make some bad choices to keep feeding his family. One of which was to grow marijuana in a commercial space. He got caught and spent the last couple of years in jail.

Say what you want about what Mark did. He is out of jail now and has paid his debt to society. Unfortunately for Mark he is also over $400k US in debt.

Why am I telling you all these details?

Mark has asked me to introduce him today. He is planning a HUGE comeback and plans to be 100% transparent with his situation, goals and methods along the way and I urge you to watch this guy.

The fact is many of you can look at Mark and say to yourself: “This guy is way worse off than me”. That might make you feel better about yourself for a minute but the reality is that if this guy can dig himself out of a $400k hole starting from $0 in monthly income ANYONE can make it in IM.

I for one am betting on his comeback. I have offered to mentor him along the way. Keep an eye on this guy because you will learn so much from him while he makes this a reality.

  • I've been anxious to hear more about this phenom and look forward to following along. What a great story, inspirational and grounding. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Mark,
    Sorry you got caught and had to go to jail. I am a CO and know how yukie jail is! I am glad you are out now and I am sur you are more grateful for the little things most people take for granted, like, privacy for one! Best of luck to you, I got my eye on you both!

  • Interesting story Brad. I'll be keeping an eye on Mark for sure as I ALWAYS cheer for the under dog (birds of a feather I guess).

    As for being worse off, Mark and I are in similar positions in that we're starting from ground zero. He's got a lot more debt but has also experienced a lot more success so I don't consider him worse off.

    Due to his past success, experiences, knowledge and willingness to do "whatever it takes", I believe he'll make a great comeback and be better off than ever.

    Go for it Mark!!!

  • Hi Mike and James, thanks very much for the words of support ! :) Join me on this journey its gonna be a blast.

    Jack... how are you my mate ? we must catch up on the phone soon ! .. Hope you are Lisa re good... :)

    Thanks again all


  • Jack Pelli

    I know Mark and I would bet anything that he will wipe out his debt and become successful again. It is his nature to succeed. Good luck Mark, I'll be watching.

  • James Campbell


    You have my full support for whatever that is worth.

    Best Regards,
    James Campbell

  • Hi Brad

    Many thanks for the introduction ! Its true to say its been an interesting and challenging three years ! :/ Im some what of a veteran along with you on the Internet and Id like to think I can get back to where I want to be in life, get my debts paid off and get my life back ! :) Ive dont it once and I know I can do it again

    Thanks again Brad for the kinds words

    All the best


  • Blair Connell

    Hey Mark,

    Just wanted to offer my support. Life isn't easy or straightforward on the road less travelled. Rockier and more hazardous , and always the chance of falling off the edge. Sincerely wish you the very best .

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