100 Apple iwork Pages Templates


Designed for iwork 09 Pages

Download 100 magazine inspired Pages templates. Created for designers, these 8.5″x11″ templates are perfect for advertorials, article marketers or PDF pros who want more designs to choose from. All images are masked for easy replacement.

With the power of Pages 09 you can create stunning brochures, flyers and PDF documents for online delivery. These templates are a mix of modern and contemporary magazine layouts. Change colors, images and text with ease using our template files.

A preview is provided below.

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Download Now for $16

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Theprojectokc

    what about the magazine cover template? is that included

  • Yadira

    I recently upgraded to Lion - will I be able to use the templates? I also need to know if there is table of contents for the templates. Thanks!

  • are the layouts text box based or is it formatted so the text flows?

  • Trisha Ventker

    Does your product have a table of contents and covers to match the interior pages?

  • Pietjepuknz

    Do I need to open each page individually, or is there a way of "installing" them into the Pages program, so that when I open "Pages" your template designs are part of the choices for templates? Thanks.

  • Yes there is a my templates folder in pages :)

  • Helio Tavares

    Can each page be the size of a normal website page? or in other words, I would like for each page to be one web-page on my site. One other question. Can I replace the pictures on each page?

  • Brad Gosse

    Yes you can replace images and if you export them as PDF you can open them in almost any size with photoshop :)

    Thanks for your interest

  • $22???

    Are you serious? This must have taken weeks to complete... $22 is a steal. I'll buy 2 copies just to support you :)

    Great job once again

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