Going Virtual – Unplugging from the office and working from home

Going Virtual
Leaving the office behind and letting my staff work from home.

Over the last few months my wife and I have started to question the need for an office. When we first started in online marketing we worked from home. I had contractors come in and renovate a nice office space in my home and always enjoyed working there. Then business changed and we needed a place to house servers, meet clients and house a staff. So we bought a building and moved in.

Lately I have spoken to some people who are in my same line of work but doing everything virtually. All their staff work from home but they have daily skype meetings, a central phone service that auto attends calls and routes them to the appropriate home office worker. The more I considered this option the more I fell in love with working from home again.

Today I have listed my industrial condo for sale with my Realtor Kari Clark. I am in no rush to sell but I am making plans to start working from home and moving my staff to their homes. When I approached my team about working from home they were all excited. It seems my staff wanted to work from home more than I did.

Overall this is a good move, I will miss having a cool office to work in but will welcome the short commute to my home office and being able to stay home with my wife and dogs during the day. I figure this one small change will save my company 6 figures annually.

If you have any work from home tips or going virtual advice please share it by commenting below. I would love your input!

  • I actually work from home and have 3 employees. It's a good way to work and its saving a lot of money but the only problem is, when i have too much job i have difficulty to find other poeple to make the job.

  • Good idea, leveraging the tech tools available to do home office work is great.

    But I think meeting in person should happen like once a week at least when you work on project directly, a nice balance of virtual and real life meeting can lift up efficiency... have you think of regular meeting or get together like in caf├ęs, bars or something for your team?

    great to see your business sucessful :)

  • Read the 4 hour work week. Great tips.

    I do SEO at home which is easier. I am still looking for a great mentor though as my business is still really small. so if you are looking for an Online Apprentice I would love to be it haha.

    Cheers Mate

    Stephen from New Zealand

  • Woody Crenshaw

    Since you will be at home, make sure you have a space for work, and work only, and make sure people know not to interrupt unless it is needed. Even though you be at a separate office, the "being at the office mindset" still applies.

    From a boss' POV, I would give employee's freedom of time, but create productivity goals on a daily or weekly basis, and maybe a weekly or monthly meetup to go over business goals (but make sure you have them at a fun place :-) )

    The best of luck in the transition, Brad. I know that you and your staff will love it as long as you are all disciplined enough to treat it like a job.

  • Brad Gosse

    Thanks for the tips dude! I agree I need to restructure time with everyone.

  • Work from home tip number one....teach your dogs that they can't sit in your lap while you work. It makes typing a pain. :)

  • Brad Gosse

    My wife has that problem. Cats and dogs.

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