SEO Myth #1 – On Page Optimization

Let’s explore the concept of on page SEO.

Watch part 1 of my interview with success coach Justin Popovic where I prove that your page content is not as relevant to your rank as you may think. Leave your comments and questions below.

  • ops my speakers are not working yet, so i not able to listen this very impressive video at this moment, i will fixed my speaker prob and will listen all these 3 SEO Myth :)

  • Thanks for a great video. SEO is definitely miss-understood.

    I submitted this to reddit:

  • Brad Gosse

    THanks Nick! I read you blog too :)

  • Thanks for

  • Don't give away all the secrets!

  • Pat

    I would agree with Justin on the relationship between on-page and off-page factors. It's easy to prove. Take two reasonably well optimized pages and track their position on Google. Generate some links for one but don't do anything for the other. Watch what happens. It shouldn't take too long to see the result.

  • Its funny. I still run into people in various forums who INSIST that you can do link building all day but unless you do proper on page SEO, link building will be useless. The Adobe example disproves all of those theories.

    I still do like to do what Ted says though...title tag, description and some keywords as well.

  • Brad Gosse

    Yeah I am not saying to totally ignore on page. I get uncomfortable when people get too wrapped up in some idea about 6-10% density etc. Write for the reader.

  • Great video guys!

    I know when I first started SEO, I was using a calculator to make sure my keyword density was between 6%-10%. I made sure to have keywords in H1 tags, bolded, emphasized...etc... I checked alt tags, image title tags, image names. I spent hours pouring through the site. Adding every META tag I could think of. And honestly, it was mostly useless.

    I saw more benefits from an hour of link building than 6+ of on page optimization.

    Here is my on page optimization now....change title tag, change description...fin.

    I wish I had this video about 2 years ago.

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