SEO Myth #2 – Long Tail Keywords

Let’s explore the idea of long tail keywords.

Watch part 2 of my interview with success coach Justin Popovic where I discuss why long tail keyword hunting is a waste of time.

  • Hi Brad,

    Great video!
    I heard a saying about the Olympics, when you mentioned it I remembered it.

    You don't win silver loose gold!

    Happy Holidays

  • On the whole I agree, however there is a work load element here for most people and most SEO companies, ie, what can be achieved on what budget. I'd argue that going after a long tail phrase pre-qualifies a websites traffic before it gets to your site in a way that primary keywords and phrases often doesn't.

    It's often important to make some quick wins so you can demonstrate the value of SEO to clients - going after the primary keywords can be a tong term, costly commitment for an organisation to make.

    Great video got me thinking.

  • dug

    i like to use long tail to help in content development targeting the key word:

    red delicious apples
    granny smith apples
    apple pie ala mode
    antioxidant levels in apples

    The target is apple, the long tail give me direction for posts that circle back to apples.

    Thanks for the inspirational site. Keep it up!

  • Brad Gosse

    That's an interesting strategy you have there. I'm assuming you mean you use those longtail words in your anchor text.

  • Your right, when aiming high your still going to get the low hanging fruit regardless.... so why go straight for the low hangers?!

  • Brad Gosse

    Some people are married to the idea of long tail. Not sure why but maybe they have invested so much time that they can't face the fact they have been chasing the wrong dragon ;)

  • Great strategy, I have been using it and find it works better.

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