Why publish garbage for pennies?

One of the things that bothers me about Internet publishing is that it’s one of the few places people get away with putting out less than their best work.

Think about newspapers and magazines. These old standards had editors who combed stories for inconsistencies and grammar. If your story sucked it never made the presses.

These days I see people who think they can outsource their writing to a non English speaker, in the hopes of getting some crappy Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and a few adsense clicks. We publish more garbage everyday than good content.

I spoke to a very nice man via private message this weekend who is struggling to get by. I asked him what his hobbies and passions were and he responded with “What does that matter? I will be outsourcing my content creation anyway.”

This man was misguided into the belief that it’s okay to outsource content on a subject that you and your writer have no interest in, beyond getting the work done. So I asked him the following…

Did J K Rowling outsource Harry Potter?
Did James Cameron hire a Filipino to direct Titanic?

Does Tony Robbins get his books ghost written?
Did Frank Kern outsource Mass Control?

Would you be as interested in my products if you found out I outsourced all my ideas/writing/product creations?

There is no doubt you can make $5-$10 per day cranking out poor content in the hopes of some long tail results and a few clicks on adsense.

The REAL money is made when YOU connect with YOUR audience on a real and personal level.

Pick something you love and work on that from now on. You will be doing a great service to your audience, google and the rest of the internet 🙂

I for one will look forward to seeing what you produce!

Thank you!

  • You have raised a very valid point for sure. However there are trade offs in most things in life and web promotion and SEO is no different. In order to maximise your online expoure no matter what your niche is, you need to publish content frequently. If you run your own website then you probably need to create 1 page of quality content every other day. It is not always practicle to do so given time constraints.

  • There is so much information pollution out there - I don't think things have to be well written or word perfect, a low rent copy writer can write a thing of pure genius or beauty, the thing is the churn, just writing for the sake of writing to add more and more content to the ever expanding web so there is an extra chance of being picked up by a search engine .

    Don't get me started on automated content production. - that's the real crime in my opninion.

  • Very true. I guess it's too easy to go with a "shotgun approach" in online marketing: Blast a ton of crap out there and get a few clicks every once in a while.

    Then again, 90% of everything is crap, right? ;)

  • JenniJ

    Thanks Brad!

    I've been reading that outsourcing is the way to get things done so much that -- I actually started believing that this was the way everybody in IM did things!

    OK! Gotta put on my own thinking cap again....

  • Brad Gosse

    We all get mislead by the allure of easy riches, push button profits etc. Truth is that the best stuff is created by people and teams not some hired writing goon.

    I look forward to seeing what you share with the world in the form of content.


  • Brad Gosse

    So it turns out some of my examples are bad. I have been informed Tony Robbins outsourced some of his book writing. However he paid the top experts in the world to write for him.

    This is a much different scenario than the average person hiring a low rent copywriter.

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