My 2 Day Internet Marketing Workshop Wrap Up.


I ran my Internet Marketing Workshop this week in Toronto at the Doubletree Hilton for 13 students. Thanks to everyone who attended and more importantly thanks in advance for implementing what you have learned.

The group was a mix of complete newbies and seasoned internet marketers. Everyone seemed to get a ton of value out of the time spent and the free course videos after will be a huge resource to the people who need to review.

Here are some images from the 2 day event. I want to thank Megan, Ted and Claire for their hard work behind the scenes and Justin Popovic for his help running the course exercises, putting the collateral together, keeping things on track and lending his professional style to the content.

If you attended please leave a comment below 🙂 If not I hope to see you next time!

  • It looks like you had a great seminar. I just found you on facebook. I Asked you to be my friend!

    How can we get the audios or DVD's of your seminar?

    Reiki Master

  • Brad Gosse

    Thank you. We are working on the DVDs now and hope to have them ready by the new year.

    If you subscribe to my newsletter feed on this blog you will be notified when they are ready. I am checking out your site now.

  • I look forward to implementing even more knowledge about effective internet marketing. There was such an amazing platform to share ideas and strategies with everyone throughout the 2 days. Definately one of the most engaging and interactive courses I've ever participated in. I'm ecstatic for what's ahead in 2010 after gaining this massive surge of skills. Keep up the great work!

  • Holey moley, Brad. How'd you get all those pichurs on one page?

    Finally have me a feeder site and a money site. They don't do very much yet but by tomorrow I think I should have something semi-useful online. Between pickin' up some required plugins and widgets, and gettin' it all layed out so it doesn't look like it was put together by a chimpanzee, and hooking things up to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and of course, Tweetdeck, I am just plum-tuckered out (get that cowboy talk, pard). Jeeze guy, you sure know how to keep you seminar graduates busy.

    Well its all starting to feel like I'm putting together a huge jig-saw puzzle or enormously complicated Meccanno Set. But I'm not sure my new "Financial Empire" would have gotten off the ground without your help.

    Almighty fine piece of larnin' there, buckaroo !
    Much obliged.
    --- RussSpen ---

  • Brad, it looks like your course was a success. I wish I was able to attend. From the photos, looks like you spent a lot of time on the presentation, keeping things current. In your business, current information is key. I look forward to getting back together with you guys in the new year.

  • The pictures look great!

    Nice room, nice set up and it looks like people were really into it.

    Brad's shirt steals the show though :)

  • Brad Gosse

    Not quite rock star. Not quite... I need some gold chains ;)

  • Hey Brad, great 2 days course. 2 words `feeder sites`. I dont think I got a chance to ask all my questions, kidding and thanks for answering them all.

    Will see you soon.

  • Brad Gosse

    LOL I like advanced guys like you in my course. Keeps me on my toes and the new people benefit from your experienced questions.

  • This is my third try! Can't get gravatar so I'm going to go faceless for the time being....

    The 2 Day Internet Marketer Course was excellent! It demystified the world of social networking, internet marketing and personality on-line. Brad & co were excellent facilitators. They presented the content in laymans terms, which helped the newbies (like myself) get through it all. Having more experienced internet marketers was also valuable because they asked questions that paved the path for more learning.

    I drove 3 hours for the course and it was worth every mile - oops - kilometer! I would do it again. I plan on attending a future session, to take my internet marketing strategy to the next level. For the time being, I have very valuable information that will help me get started and then some!!


    Caroline Irwin

  • Brad Gosse

    Let's spend some time on that next week. Let's get you on skype so we can do a screen share :)

  • Lena Wagner

    Wow, so many pictures, I didn't realize Megan and Claire where that sneaky back there. It was an awesome seminar and I am trying to remember all that info so I can get it on my site.

  • Brad Gosse

    When the flash battery dies the photographer seems stealth :)

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