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As Internet marketers, we often find ourselves working in a bubble without any outside contact sometimes for weeks. Since moving my office to my home I have decided to take more opportunities to go out and meet people in my industry.

One such person whom I’ve had the privilege of meeting is named Mukul Verma. Thanks to Mukul and his efforts to put together groups of successful Internet marketers in the Toronto area, I have been able to meet lots of other people who do what I do. Luckily for me, some of these people have become clients and friends.

Yesterday Megan and I attended a lunch that was organized by Mukul for 24 people. It was a really good way to exchange ideas and learn from other people who spend their days doing the work of Internet marketing.

If you find yourself working in a bubble and unable to meet people and exchange ideas, you might want to consider checking out the warrior forum and click on “Local Meetings, Mastermind Groups, And Forum Events”. There you will likely find other people in your area who do Internet marketing and are eager to meet up.

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    I think taking your laptop to Starbucks is totally worth while. I have actually met quite a few people like this. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear that your having troubles with [x]. Have you ever tried [y]?" Works pretty good and you get some good long-term contacts out of it from time to time.

  • Hi again. Hope you had a great Christmas. Yep I'm just about an hour north of Toronto. Definitely would appreciate hearing about your next meetup :)

    I notice you've got a super mario 1-up on your t-shirt in that gravatar - my son and I made those this year for some cute little gifts, was fun.

    Happy New Year!

  • Brad Gosse

    I live in Orangeville where are you?

  • I'm in Baldwin which is in Georgina. So I guess about an hour from you too.

  • Great article! I would also like to add that it is important to get out and interact with people outside the computer world.

    This summer I worked a few hours a night as a waitress after working 8-10 hours at my desk. It was great to interact with people face to face and talk about something non-comuter related.

    Now I make time to visit people in the surrounding offices during the week.

    I also try not to bring work home, so I can spent time with my family.

    Even computer nerds need human contact.

  • Brad Gosse

    That sounds a pretty good idea for some people. A part-time job might be just the thing to help someone get out and meet more people. You can also join any number of charities or clubs, volunteer your time or other community activities.

    I do sometimes try to get out to Starbucks or at least visit a few friends in town who have offices.

    Thanks for commenting :-)

  • Hi Brad. Came across your blog on Facebook.

    I totally agree about getting out more often. I've been on the lookout for some internet marketing events/seminars/conferences in the TO area myself - know of any? I know Internet Marketing Pros do some and have been to one of those, may go to another. I've also checked on Meetup and saw a few.

    Anyway, just thought I'd ask since I'm on the hunt.

    Nice to meet ya :)

  • Thanks Brad, glad you enjoyed it...

    It was a lot of fun and great networking of other like minded people in Internet Marketing.

    Justin, next time would be great to have you. If you wear a suit, you will not be allowed in!!! This is people who work at home.... :)


  • So, taking your laptop to a Starbucks or William's for a "change of scenery" is still considered staying at your desk? If I at least take a minute to look up and meet some people, then that could be considered getting out. Seriously, the last few days last week, being out and about meeting with associates and suppliers, was rejuvenating. Stuck here in front of a screen hour after hour, can take a toll on one's psyche.

  • Brad Gosse

    I think taking your laptop to Starbucks is definitely still worth doing. Especially if you're an addict like me.

    I'll take a Venti vanilla soy latte please.

  • That comment is so spot on, when I was setting up my home Internet business getting home for 6pm working to 12am or even 1am the time used to fly, I was in my own world, the wife never saw me ( maybe a good thing lol )
    Then I was told about planning your week, month and 3 month ahead and boy this worked, one other thing NO SURFING Or EVEN CHECKING YOUR EMAILS before my work was done, only this was getting in the way and I had found 1/2 an hour to hour had gone before I started any work.


  • Brad Gosse

    Dean thanks for your comment. It's amazing how sometimes I start my day and it only feels like an hour has passed when my wife says "what do you want for lunch?".

    It's important to schedule time for things like e-mail. People are far used to instant gratification what with blackberries and iPhone's these days. I am actually making a concerted effort to reduce my e-mail to nothing. The thinking here is that my assistant can handle it all with the exception of a few personal e-mails that I might allow to hit my phone.

    Time management is a goal that all entrepreneurs should strive to achieve. Getting out and meeting people may seem like a waste of time until you realize how much you can learn from other people who do the same work you do.

  • Brad a hand-shaking networker??? I never thought I would have seen this day folks! Did he wear a suit?

    Seriously though, Mukul is a great dude. I wish I could have attended the event. I hope to be able to attend the next one. As someone who worked from home for 18 months, I totally relate to what Brad is saying here. While IM is awesome, it does kind of turn you into a home-dweller (unless you have a separate office). These kind of events are a great way to mix up your week!

  • Brad Gosse

    Oh no there was no suit involved.

    Please do try to make the next one, everyone was asking about you because you're a rock star.

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