Coaching a Convict to Millionaire Status – Week 5


Millionaire Mentor Week 5 Accomplished

Just a quick update on my progress coaching Mark Lyford back to millionaire status. You may already know this but Mark has equivalent of a full-time job, two sons, legal requirements on his time i.e.: probation visits etc.

With all of these commitments Mark has still managed to build a business out of nothing in one month that is already generating $600 in monthly profits. This may not seem like a big deal to most people but when you consider that Mark has spent only a few hours of his time working on these products which will now generate $7200 in annual income it starts to look pretty good.

One of the problems we are starting to have to deal with now is Mark’s frustrations with not getting enough done.We keep discussing that Mark has a habit of punishing himself for the past while stressing about the future. None of these things makes a whole lot of difference in the now, I’m hoping that from our talk last night Mark takes home this single point.

Your business is no different than the old analogy of taking a road trip at night, you can only see as far as your headlights will shine. When you see your business and life that way you realize that you could still make plans for the future IE your final road trip destination, but you need to operate in the now to get there.

So to recap Mark is taken $20 in seed money provided by me and turned it into a $7200 per year business in just four short weeks. Some of you may say that Mark has an advantage because he’s been Internet marketer before and that’s probably true however his disadvantages far outweigh those of the average person.

As I write this Mark is working on a website where all of our coaching calls will be made available. I look forward to sharing these with you so that you can see how we brainstorm ideas and solve problems. Many of these things can be applied to anyone’s business.

Keep watching my blog for updates on Mark’s progress, you can also subscribe to my blog updates by using the e-mail box in the top right corner of the site.

  • This is such an inspiring journey and I feel so motivated following Mark's journey.
    I wish you guys all the Best.

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