101 Twitter Tips

If you had talked to me at this time last year I would have told you that twitter is a waste of time. Not because I didn’t understand how it worked, but because I didn’t understand the depth of how it worked and how easy it would be to find my audience.

Over the last year I’ve started to take twitter a lot more seriously. I have made some good friends, and gained a few clients as well. More importantly I found a way to engage almost any audience in any niche.

I’m planning to do a series of sheets like these over the next few months. I would really like to hear your feedback on these.

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  • Use a call to action in your tweets- If you have posted
    an article on your website or an article directory, make sure to tweet
    it with a call-to-action, which should be so natural that it compels
    your followers to visit that link. For example if you are a leading
    manufacturer of organic health care products, tweeting an article
    improving looks of your target market is going to be a big hit among
    your followers. Make sure that the article is written specifically about
    your target market.

  • Thanks so much for compiling so much useful information in one place – Really going to help me out .

  • Thank you for sharing such good Twitter tips!! Keep up the good ideas!! and happy 2010!!! ,) All the best!

  • Great reading! Thanks!

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