My Predictions for 2010

Well it’s New Year’s Eve, we are getting ready to embark on a new decade. In my opinion the last decade has not been great. If you think about it nothing new has really been invented in the last decade. No groundbreaking stuff like the silicon chip, the Internet, printing press, electricity or even a breakthrough in air travel.

Part of it is that many of us are stuck trying to invent things on top of existing technologies. An inventor born today will have a completely different view of the world than an inventor born 100 years ago. They will have access to and be able to build on top of technology that we may not have even invented yet.

As an Internet marketer, I look within my own industry as I make my predictions for the new year and the new decade. Just to clarify I don’t think I’m Nostradamus, I’m just putting my ideas out there, who knows if they are right?

Google will become less important.

I know a lot of people will give me a hard time over this prediction because they believe that Google has a stranglehold on the Internet. This was once said about Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite and others. I would say in 2009 I spent more time searching social networks than I did searching Google. Once Facebook, twitter, and other social networks start beefing up their search capabilities Google will get a run for their money.

When it comes to Google, back link building is on the out.

In my business experience when everybody is jumping on the same bandwagon sooner or later the game changes. When all of my friends were encouraging me to buy real estate like they did I backed away. Then the market crashed. Now everybody and their brother is doing something called “back link building” to boost their rankings on Google.

My belief is that Google is already working on a new ranking algorithm which will lower the overall score given to back links. These days it’s just too easy for people to drop links everywhere they go, to get ranked on Google.

I believe that this new algorithm will incorporate more results from social media destinations like twitter, Facebook, and other sites like message boards (forums). A website’s popularity would be much easier to track using fuzzy logic while scraping twitter. If a large number of twitter users with a large number of followers are mentioning your website, that would be good criteria for top SEO ranks.

Customer A.D.D. will be on the rise
We have already seen this happening. In the new year you might want to consider shortening your sales letters, shrinking your launch sequences, and cutting back on the amount of information you try to feed people at once. Websites like twitter, the increase of text messaging, instant messenger programs, and status update sections on various websites have been limiting us to a smaller number of characters. It’s these limitations that are lowering people’s attention spans to a place we’ve never seen.

I feel it happening to me, I have less tolerance for long e-mails, sales letters, and other text I encounter each day than I used to. I don’t think this is good for us as a society but I’m not sure there is any way to stop it.

Well there you have it three simple predictions from a simple guy 🙂 I know I will be making many of my business decisions based on the above predictions. Only time will tell if they are correct and if my strategies will pay off. Fingers crossed.

Wishing you a happy new year 🙂

Brad Gosse

  • Those are very interesting predictions, Brad.
    I wonder how things will pan out. I certainly haven't heard anyone mention something like a possible decline of link-building. That could become interesting, if it happens...

    Definitely agree on the ADD one. So, I'd better stop writing, lest this comment become too long. :)


  • Brad Gosse

    Thanks Shane,

    I think the ADD thing is the reason why we're all heading towards video blogs instead of writing. I see you are included in that club :-)

    Your site looks great!

  • elisa

    Brad, I so totally agree with you on the ADD thing. Heck, I cant even stand to read anything over one paragraph anymore, and I think it is a new form of Adult ADD but I also think it is because we have so much technology ringing and buzzing and vibrating on our person, that we are short on our focus skills.
    The brain was not designed to do so much multitasking on an everyday and every hour basis.

    I also notice things becoming smaller, eventually we will probably all be talking into a little chip in our hand as our cell phone, not to mention that our medical records, and everything else will be there.

    Heres to all at this end of year, beginning of year time.
    Have a Happy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year

  • Brad Gosse

    I'm sorry but your comment was just too long for me to read LOL

    kidding of course, I think we are all going to get a whole lot dumber in the next decade.

  • Brad,

    Your crystal ball sounds right on! These predictions are realistic especially the consumer ADD kicking in more.

    Best Success in 2010!


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