What are your goals or plans for 2010?

Tell me about your plans for 2010. I want to know about your goals, both personal and business. Watch the video above to hear about mine. Sometimes all you have to do is publicly pledge what you want to do in order to make it real.Блоки бетонные для стен подвалов

I highly encourage you do this now by leaving a reply. I really want to know what you’re up to this year or at least what you’re planning to be up to you 🙂

  • Shell

    Hi there all!

    Was thinking about my goals for this year, and remembered I'd posted them here, so thought I'd come back and see how I'm doing....! To be honest I expected to be depressed as hell, but you know what, I'm doing pretty good!

    1 & 2 - been honouring myself very well, so pleased with myself there!

    3 - Had a massive (overdue) house sort, (been renovating a Barn since time began, at least it feels that way...), finally got it looking pretty and also functional, environment makes a HUGE difference on how you feel (does me, anyway), which has really helped with -

    4 - Feel so much more relaxed and peaceful now.

    5 - Thanks for comment Brad, been finding out a lot about this, very promising indeed!

    6 - Been writing notes etc ready, and the odd article for my blog (& bought the domain name, but will let you know when its up and running!) Also wishing I hadn't written so much here to reply too, but I'm literally incapable of writing a short text/email/conversation/post - its a miracle I haven't run out of words yet! Think its the writer in me....!

    Actually someone suggested I should look at copywriting sales letters etc for Internet Marketing, and It is definitely something I'm going to look into, really appeals!

    7 - Been to the gym!! Haven't been in so long, I reckon the first hour cost me about $200 in membership fees, and also nearly killed me (& believe me, I don't work til I 'feel the burn' - I run from it!). This is when you realise you really need to go more regularly, and I have! I can't tell you how much better I feel already! So go!!!

    8 - Learning this, I tend to work flat out or just lie flat, not much in between, but I'm getting much more done now.

    9 - Hmm, can't think of any concrete examples, but I am always there for people. Actually my friend just got made redundant and I spent a day with him when I really had 400 other things to do, so thats one!

    10 - Been MUCH better about this, I honestly believe that when you start honouring your body and spirit, you just can't let others dis-respect you anymore. Its fabulous! I mean, its great to have other peoples approval, but to have your own, that feeling just can't be bought!

    11 - The trouble with Internet Marketing is that there is about 9000 different ways to make money, so I have spent the last couple of months finding out in a lot more detail what is involved exactly in each of the methods that appeals to me, and whittling that list down. Still got a way to go, but narrowed it down to half a dozen now, and have a rough order of work, so to speak.

    12 - For the first time in years, been DOING more than reading, but have bought a few books (& read them), including Dan Kennedys time management, which is great, and funny, and also kills of procrastination - that man takes no prisoners - he is blunt!! But I like it!

    Cool! Feel like I'm getting somewhere now then! And can see where I need to kick my butt and keep it going!

    Thats all for now folks, will update you when I have more!! Have a great week!

    Shell :)

  • gordpurdy

    Scuba dive, family vacation before Christmas, start a new real estate show on Rogers for the Dufferin County, have at least 2 closings per month ( have 1 this year to date), buy a newer vehicle, finish the renos!!!

  • gordpurdy

    Scuba dive in the Caribbean, take family on a trip to Florida, increase database for business, would love to start a new real estate show on Rogers for the Dufferin County. Finish renovations ( it's only been 3 years now). Simple simple simple plans but the biggest would be to utilize out new company iPro Realty, and close 2 houses a month. So far I have 1.......

  • Hey Gord it's great to have you posting on my blog :-) I hope you are doing well!

  • Christie

    Hi Brad,

    My goals for 2010 are the following...
    1. Establish a steady, internet marketing business plan that will bring me in at $6k or more a month.
    2. Take a vacation out of the states, possibly to a tropical island.
    3. Buy a house

  • Christie these sound like fantastic goals, please keep us posted on your progress :-)

  • simonharrison

    Hi my name is Simon and all I would like to say is I"am new to internet Marketing and after studying this business for about 1200 hours so far it has left me a bit confused on which way I should go for the future.
    As its such a large business, so many skills involved and for me I need to understand how to do things even if I outsource in the future.So at the moment I am deciding if I will carry on, I would like to as for the past 30 years I have been in business for my self, and had good success in my late 20 eases, bad spelling, so if you have any advice it would be most helpful to me. Thank-you.

  • Internet marketing is like sales. Nobody saws they want to get into sales they say I want to sell (houses, cars, audio equipment etc.).

    What do you love now that you could take online (hint, forget about the money when you answer).

  • Guest

    One my goals for 2010 is to get a LOT better at Camtasia so that when I upload a video to YouTube or Viddler or Vimeo ~ the work product is entertaining, fun, interesting and useful to the guys/gals who took the time to view my stuff and hopefully find their way to my Social Media Marketing Blog.

  • Brad, what RSS reader would you recommend for us PC users running Outlook?

  • Don't have a suggestion. Anyone??

  • Hey Brad

    Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR …now I do realize that it might be a bit late, but its always better late than never, aey? :o)….also I was taking it a bit easy de-toxing, reflecting and recharging my batteries :o)

    Thanks for sharing your goals and must say quite ambitious ones too :o)

    I shared my goals on Facebook on 29 Dec and then today just received your email (from Megan)…and I thought it’s a good idea to share your goals and potentially help each other in the process.

    So let me start with my learning and achievement in 2009 first and then onto my 2010 goal :o)

    a) 2009 learning:

    RECESSION is a blessing in disguise and possibly the best thing which can happen to you :o) …I say this, as like millions others, I lost all my architectural contracts worth six figures in March 2009, but learned that adversity is nothing but Universe's mysterious ways of telling you "you deserve better" and "you will do better"

    b) 2009 achievement:

    Following the “vanishing” of my contracts, thanks to my philosophical nature and spiritual inclination, I always look at the silver lining in the cloud and this made me explore the world of Book writing & Self publishing….and am glad to share, that the first book (Social Media For Insurance Brokers) was researched, written, published and successfully launched in 4 months flat.

    c) 2010 resolution/goal:

    To write, publish & promote the following 11 Social Media books for 11 different niches and sell 10,000 of each book (total 110,000):

    1. Social Media For Coaches
    2. Social Media For Mortgage Professionals
    3. Social Media For Real Estate Professionals
    4. Social Media For Law Practices
    5. Social Media For Accountants
    6. Social Media For Business Coaches
    7. Social Media For Architects
    8. Social Media For Web Designers
    9. Social Media For Graphic Designers
    10. Social Media For Tradesmen
    11. Social Media For Professionals

    Are you guys on Facebook?...I invite you ALL to share your goals with 45+ other inspirational people here: http://www.facebook.com/pho...

    Together, lets make 2010 an amazingly Wonderful, Happy, Healthy & a Joyous New Year!!! :o)

    P.S:- Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in achieving your goals & dreams or if you’d be interested in becoming our JV partner…I’m open to all suggestions…please feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Twitter or send me an email: ash@markeZing.com

    Warm Regards from down under :o)

    Ash Patel
    Author, Entrepreneur
    Citizen of Planet Earth

    Book covers: http://Bit.ly/8yKeBZ
    Twitter: http://Twitter.com/iSocialM...
    Facebook: http://Profile.to/AshPatel
    LinkedIn: http://Linkedin.com/in/AshP...
    Meme: http://Meme.yahoo.com/AshPatel
    Business Card: http://AshPatel.businesscar...
    Website: http://SocialMediaForInsura...

  • Prateek

    Hey brad-- superb video and ya i love the way you are trying to organize yourself.

    for this new year my goals are revolving around internet marketing :

    (1) trying to find out living through IM (m just a week old in marketing, so have to learn a lot).

    (2) Try to make 400-500$ per month( even after 2-3 months of some learning process, i have tried to make realistic goals and i think THIS IS REALISTIC) and ya by exchange rate 400$ will convert into around 16000-20000 Indian rupees, which is good for a student like me, though i will obviously like to earn more :) but for starting i do think this is good.

    (3) Take failures in good spirit (seen many failures as a student but never took them as process to move forward) this time hopefully i will.

    (4) again try to be more organized and i will take your method in that.

    (5) NOT TO MAKE UNREALISTIC GOALS , as when they are not achieved a sense of disapproval sets inside me.

    so thats it.... hope to hear from you soon.

  • Brad Gosse

    Taking failures in good spirit can sometimes be one of the hardest things we do. I say this all the time but never seems like it's enough because it doesn't sink in. I fail a minimum of nine times for every one time I succeed. Sometimes people say to me "everything you touch turns to gold". And it couldn't be further from the truth, they never get to see the piles of dog shit that never made it.

    I'm a true believer that failure is the path to success. And fear of failure is fear of success.

  • One of my goals was to finally have my blog (my third attempt) but I learned how NOT to make goals. http://shanzzenith.wordpres...

    Just read Brain tracy's Goal setting book........ ver informative... will read t again.
    Business - want to get into IM (again my third attempt) and make $CAD3000 by June 2010
    Personal- Concrete plan to make to top business school in USA
    Others are I am writing

  • Brad Gosse

    I like your mention of removing the NOT's from the goals on your blog post. Makes a ton of sense not to go after the things you want to stop doing.

  • Lots of professional goals. Here's my personal one: http://www.mythousandmileye.... :-) 28 miles this week, so, so far, so good...

  • Brad Gosse

    Sara thank you so much for coming by to comment. I'm a big fan of Keith, and his book Never Eat Alone.

    28 miles per week is pretty crazy new must be one fit woman to begin with :-)

    Happy new year to you!

  • Back at you! Hope to see you around more often. Glad to make the acquaintence of you - and your site!

  • Too tempting to pass up. Well, I have to say have a triple screen set-up is a goal. (You probably have more that were out of the frame).

    1) I want to help my buddy with launching his product this month and then get some sort of software developed for goal setting to launch this month.

    2) I want to read through all of the freaking marketing courses that I've bought through the years; yeah, I have my self on a somewhat structured schedule.

    Just getting into the blogging word. Thanks for sharing your 'expertise'?

  • Brad Gosse

    Right now I have four screens plus my laptop screen all tied together with one keyboard and mouse. Two of my screens are 30 inches each. I got addicted to multiple monitors in 1998 because Apple allowed you to have more than one screen connected to your desktop computer at one time.

    Depending on the type of work that you do, it can help increase your productivity by adding just a second monitor. If you are like me and you monitor lots of online channels like RSS feeds, twitter, websites, stats, instant messengers etc. it makes sense to split them out to multiple screens.

    I think we all have a backlog of online courses we have purchased but not taken the time to watch.

    Thanks so much for your comment :-)

  • Hi Brad, Really liked the video.

    Darn, new computer, haven't downloaded my pics for the gravatar yet.

    My New Year plans start almost immediately.

    I have been beta testing an online system that is so much better than anything I have seen before.

    All of my projects are on hold for this launch, hopefully next week. I will finally be able to show

    internet marketers that it is possible to build a network marketing business almost hands free.

    I will commit to taking at least 3 vacations this year. I did more traveling this last year than ever

    before and it made me even more productive and rested.

    I will start the new year by thanking you and some of the other marketers online and on the Warrior

    Forum for all of the helpful hints and insight you have all given me.

    Have a great New Year!! I really enjoy your blog.

    Almost forgot, I will be taking notes this year for a book, but not sure if there will be time to write it.


  • Brad Gosse

    Steven thanks for dropping by :-)

    Sounds like you got a busy year planned as well. Where do you plan to go on vacation?

  • Hey Brad, Good post mate,

    Hi Shell, Fancy seeing you on here...

    Shane How are you ? :)

    Good first post of the year Brad keep them up , although we speak every day I still like watching you mate !

  • Brad Gosse

    Thanks Mark, I appreciated the advice you gave me. Sometimes when you don't have something to talk about it easier to ask questions :-)

  • Hi Brad!
    Wow, that's some challenge, put your goals on the www - talk about being held accountable! Scary!

    Here's some of mine ....
    1. Be true to myself, make sure my integrity is true, i.e. what I think and say match what I do.

    2. Be honest with myself about what truly makes me happy (rather than what I think I 'should' be doing).

    3. Be more disciplined and organised, so I don't end up 'fighting fires' all year like last year - do it once!

    4. Make time for real joy and connection and fun (not 'joy lite'). Being contented and at Peace.

    5. Follow my dream of getting my books published on Amazon.

    6. Follow my true dream of writing, connecting to people at a deep level, either through a blog or membership site, building a supportive, encouraging community, kind of like the family you always wanted! Strongly focusing on lifestyle design - make your life great - you don't have to live the one that was handed to you!

    7. Taking great care of me so I have the strength to do all this, both physically & mentally. Getting (keeping?) a hot bod!

    8. Planning my time better so its not wasted (lost forever).

    9. Trying to help others along their lifes path to make it a little easier wherever possible.

    10. Honouring myself and setting firm boundaries so others do to.

    11. I want to be making £3,000 pm by June 2010 via various methods of Internet Marketing.

    12. Continue my journey of self development by reading more books (I have over 1,000 self development/motivational/life design books - ask me for a recommended book depending on what you need!)

    Sorry Brad, you asked!! Think I got a bit carried away there! Actually I thought it was a bit of a damn cheek when you said put your goals here, I'm a pretty private person generally, but it occurred to me that maybe the real reason I didn't want to was because then they would be 'out there' for all to see, including me, and if I got to the end of 2010 and I had done none of them, how pathetic would that be?!

    So I've taken your challenge Brad, now off to do some work on it!! Scary, but also exciting.......!

    Thanks all, and please add your goals, and don't leave me all exposed on my own here!!!

    Shell :)

  • Brad Gosse

    Wow Shelley that is a great goal list. I'm so glad you chose to share them here.

    Just so you know, you can buy your way into Amazon these days :-)

    Please keep us updated, it's great to have you commenting here :-)

  • My biggest thing is one you mentioned as well: Get more organized. I've been juggling with a few systems but haven't settled in with anything yet.

    Other than that, I will have two ebooks out very soon and I'll be putting quite a lot of work into building the RQR brand. A blog redesign is planned for sometime in Q2.

    I'm also drafting my first "real" infoproduct. It will be a pretty big thing (not just an ebook plus some detritus to justify the graphic with several boxes and discs) and to be honest, I'm not sure I can complete it all this year. But my aim is to get it all done before the end of the year and then do a really nice launch for it. Hint: It has something to do with videos, presentations and a bit of psychology.


  • Brad Gosse


    Please keep me posted on your info product. I would be happy to review and possibly participate in your launch.

    One of the things that caught my eye was your mention of psychology, I'm a real psychology buff myself. I love to learn about what makes people tick.

    Thanks for sharing your plans with us :-)

  • Thanks for sharing yours, Brad. :)

    Psychology is one of my favourite topics. I like the "real life" stuff that happens in social psychology fields but I also love reading up on the crazy experiments people think up in all the other fields of psychology.
    I'll keep you posted on my product. As soon as I have something solid, I'd be happy to let you have a look at it.

    Also: I think I'm going to get myself some whiteboards.


  • Hey Brad - great vid man!

    A couple of my friends went to Amsterdam this year and loved it.

    I put my goals in blog post format:

    The Man The Myth The Legend

  • Brad Gosse

    Thanks Ted I commented on your post :-)

  • Hey Boss

    I just saw the video and it made me realise I have this list already done:

    1. Sell my house... after that I'm not 100% but you and I know this house is not for me!

    2. Get Married... been engaged just over 2 years and I am going to make choices on when and how and get it done before 2011

    Great post idea btw

  • Brad Gosse

    Don't forget to invite me to your wedding :-) I clean up well LOL

    I think it's great that you guys are going to tie the knot this year. We should all just go to Vegas.

  • Well nothing planned yet but Vegas sounds good to me!

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