Video From Toronto Internet Marketing Meet for January

Here is what happens when you pass around a flipcam at an internet marketing meetup.

I have mentioned in previous posts the importance of getting out from behind your desk and meeting with other people who do what you do. Many entrepreneurs who work from home go a long time without leaving the house.

As part of what I do, it’s important to network with others. I’ve been going to monthly Internet marketing meetings in Toronto. They are organized by Mukul Verma, you should check out his blog.

Anyway it was a good opportunity to meet people and network. Thanks to everyone who came.

  • Wow, that video is turning "real" up to 11!

  • droopnarine

    ha ha ha, great job Brad! Had I know I would have been put on the web, I might have brushed my hair!
    Great time as always! Thanks Mukul for organizing.


  • Thanks Brad, great to have you come and add great value to the group.

    Maria, would love to have you come by and meet other Warriors :)

    Have fun in Las Vegas


  • mariagudelis

    Too funny! Love the energy! Would be funny to get a mini tripod to sit on the desk and do a 360 degree interview of it too!!

    I'll try to make one of those Toronto meetings - a visit to TO to stroll around Yorkville, check out the foreign films, is overdue!

    Cheers, maria Gudelis

  • marklyford

    Nice going Brad. I need to start going to as much as i can over here in the UK too

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