Affiliate Summit Day 1 Roundup

As promised here is my summaries of the days sessions. I am late getting this live because Claire was filming me but you could see her changing in the background reflection of the glass lol. She was horrified. We went to see Avatar @ The Red Rock Resort then came back and filmed the last 2 videos.Visual Cage

  • Thanks for these videos Brad. I have my mainstream team watching these now ;)

  • It's funny. Mainstream conferences have sessions that are educational. Not pitchfests. I skipped all the parties.

  • I know. The last one I went to blew me away. I had pages and pages of notes and ideas. I haven't had that ones at our conferences lol.

  • Ted

    Awesome vids man! That is hilarious about Claire being caught in the reflection. The room looks great, and like someone mentioned the youtube search engine thing is pretty interesting!

  • I almost uploaded that video too lol. Youtube is a monster traffic source :)

  • Brad, thanx for keeping us updated on what's happening at the conference, looking forward to seeing more!!

  • Glad you like it Garry! I just posted yesterdays sessions. Only one more day of sessions. I don't want them to end.

  • Good stuff dude. Sounds like a valuable conference even for a guy with as much knowledge in the industry as you have. I'm interested to hear how the rest of the sessions go and more importantly, how you are going to apply the lessons and integrate them into your own business.

    I can't believe how close in proximity you are to the actual Wynn neon sign at the top of the building LOL. I remember looking up at that thing from a taxi wondering how large it actually was...and here you are a few feet away from it in your room. Good thing they have those 6 inch thick drapes covering the windows or you may never have been able to fall asleep.

    My itch to get back to Vegas is growing. I'm sure we will be back again soon to bring the Moneyrake seminar to the US audience.

  • Thanks Justin. The sign is much further than it looks and it's not distracting at all. I am on the 56th floor in the Encore suites. It's awesome here. What a view.

  • Great stuff Brad. I just started checking out your blog, and with content/info like this I'm sure to be a frequent visitor.

  • Awesome, feel free to send requests too :) Thanks for the mentions on twitter too!

  • Dude, great idea. I picked up some great tips.

  • Wow, thats awesome. Thanks for mentioning on forums and twitter. Your support has been amazing!

  • YusufC

    Thanks for sharing Brad! This is good stuff as usual:)

  • I aim to please, so glad you are getting value.

  • Thank you so much Brad for the videos - I'm getting all these good tips and am still in cold, snowy Markham.
    Enjoy your stay

  • It's raining and cold here too :(

  • Guest

    Thanks for doing this Brad. Wish I could have made it to the summit, but these videos help make up some of what I'm missing out on. Looking forward to more ASW10 coverage.

  • I am glad you find them useful. Thanks for tweeting the link too! Uploading day 2 now :)

  • Hey Brad, sounds very informative. It's amazing how quickly everything is evolving. Google was so smart to acquire Youtube awhile back. No.1 & 2 search engines on planet earth.

    Very cool of you to share with us.



  • Thanks, the youtube search part was a real eye opener.

  • The YouTube search was great. Small things you don't think of.

    Here is a question are they counting only YouTube searches? Or search from google that hit youtube?

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