• Thanks Brad. Your roundups are very informative. Long tail, buyer guides, Facebook ads, shirt color effecting click-thru rates, CPM vs CPC, test marketing in foreign markets, s-Commerce are all good topics which requires additional research.

  • We could banter all day about long tail vs short tail lol :)

  • Shiver

    Great info.

  • Awesome again Brad. The team and I love them. I love how you relay the information and then add your thoughts. The beauty of relaying the information is you are letting guys like myself who missed the show to catch up on what we missed and get a feel for what the show was like without the information being too skewed. Thanks again!

  • Thanks so much for your feedback man. I am so glad you guys enjoyed it. I would love to come down to your office to see what you are up to.

  • Wow Brad, this is great stuff. Honestly, love it. I couldn't make the event this year, but will likely go to the one on the East Coast in August. Definitely look forward to catching up with you there!

    Thank YOU! Really great wrap ups ...

  • I hope to see you there. I am going to try to make it. I love NYC and can get there in an hour by plane.

  • Ted

    Another great set of vids Brad. Justin and I will be working on some facebook ads soon, so that second video is very timely!

  • Facebook ads is a tricky beast but worth the trouble. The gap will close on the low barrier of entry sooner or later like it did with adwords. Get in while you can :)

  • Rachel Webb

    Wow, Brad!

    Thanks for sharing all of this great content in your series of videos.

    There are some real gold nuggets in here.

  • I am glad you enjoyed them :)

  • Seiously great info here :) I love the idea of using search to see blind spots!

  • Andrew Bauer

    Thanks for the videos Brad!
    Wish I could have made it to Vegas this year, but you are providing the next best thing with your insightful videos.

    Keep up the great work! Much appreciated

    Andrew Bauer

  • Thank you so much Andrew. Seems like the day 2 videos went longer. I must be getting a bit of brain overload LOL

  • jackie malcolm

    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for the info. There was so really great stuff.
    I like the idea of selling 'one product per day' and no opt in for fr.e.e ebook! I know for myself, I would go for the ebook without the opt in. I will have to try.
    Thanks for sharing that was really great of you!
    Take care and I look forward to the last video. I learned a lot of new things that I would have never have thought
    of myself or think that they would work!

  • Jackie

    I am glad you got some value. Jays talks was one of the better ones at this show.

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