Affiliate Summit Day 3 Roundup

Only 2 sessions today but they were both good. Chris Knight, the CEO of discussed article marketing and Dharmesh Shah talked about thought leadership. I have summarized for you below 🙂

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  • It's unfortunate to see EzineArticles and company impacted by Google’s Panda update in the U.S. back in February. Wonder how EzineArticles is reacting to it.

  • Great Video!, However Marketing Samurai its an intelligence gathering software, like Google Analitics but from your competitors website.

  • Thank you for clarifying that. I personally have not used the software so I have no insight. It was inferred during the session that was possibly a generator of Frankenstein content. :-)

  • Ditto, Brad. After viewing your videos, I've become an article marketing convert also. I especially benefited from the "quality/quantity" point. I will take this to heart. I'll have to take off my literary hat (I'm a novelist) and type like the wind.

  • James, I know what you mean. I have been submitting an article a day to e-zine articles.

    My advice is to buy some dictation software, it will drive your productivity through the roof.

  • Thank You...very informative. I didnt make the Afflilate Summit so real useful to "see" and hear what happen ed.

  • I plan to cover more shows like this :)

  • Peter

    Hey Brad

    These videos were excellent.. thanks for sharing!!!

    BTW - you want to learn some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? :)

  • No not really. I think it was mentioned as an example in one of the presentations. I just can't seem to get into that stuff. I'm a lover not a fighter LOL

  • Peter

    hmm... a lover must be able to defend his lover? :)

  • LOL Not with Brazilian Jujitsu. I am 6' 5" & 240 pounds. I might be more suited to sumo wrestling. ;)

    + my wife is tough, she could kick some guys asses LOL

  • Peter

    Young Grasshopper - you still have a lot to learn... you will understand the power of BJJ one day! :)

  • Thanks for sharing these videos, Brad. I wish I had been able to attend ASW myself...

    As you may or may not know, my "thing" or rather my niche within IM is tools and systems, so I want to chime in on that bit in the first video.
    Market Samurai does have a function that could be used for content scraping and making awful frankenstein-posts, but that's not what it's about. MS is a pretty solid tool for researching markets, keywords etc. and it's one of the tools I can actually recommend.

    Article distribution tools: I don't see what they could have against that anyway, since you're just spreading your own content around (which is perfectly allowed). The problem is that with most article distribution tools, there are article spinning options included and people who believe in the mythical duplicate content penalty are then lead to use spinning in their articles, which usually drastically decreases the quality of said articles.

    As was stated, with article marketing, volume matters as much as quality, so there's a certain logic behind mass article distribution. On the other hand, many article directories are just completely obscure and many are even abandoned (meaning that you can submit your article, but no one will ever review and publish it). I only use this type of thing to get some links. Apart from that, I am honestly not seeing a good effort/return ratio from article marketing.

    This year, I will focus more on high-authority content syndication by submitting guest-posts and generally submitting content to venues that already have loyal readers (rather than untargeted traffic volume like EZA).



  • Shane

    In some cases companies like e-zine may have to block auto submission tools because they abuse their database or backend software. When the question was raised people in the room seemed surprised that they allowed it. Me included.

    I think all tools like market samurai have their place. For us we just don't use anything like it. But my company has always been anti-automation.

    Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Brad - love the article vid man!

    Very eye opening about the auto submission software.

    I have had some decent success ranking on/near top of google for longtail keyword article titles, just due to the ranking power Ezine possesses with its thousands (millions?) of pages - but I like the idea of the "middle tail" as well. (note: and that is with zero link building, just shows the power of ezinearticles)

    The idea of staying consistent also makes sense - even though I am guilty of not doing that. One thing I noticed is that on a lot of these article sites, if someone likes one of your articles they can "follow" you. Essentially this is like building a list of people who are open to what you have to say or offer. If you do not stay consistent, these people will unfollow you or drop you from their favourite authors.

    Great vids again man!

  • Yeah I plan to integrate e-zine articles into my routine. But my intention is to do it on a very regular basis. At least two articles per week or I'm not going to bother at all.

  • marklyford

    Thanks for the videos mate ! :) Interesting stuff

  • Great coverage of the all three days for those who could not be there. Thanks Brad.

  • Guest

    5 star reports, keep it up.

  • Hi Brad,
    I've mused with the idea of article marketing but not actually done anything about it. I think PLR would be okay to use as ideas or a frame to work from, but not to use in a spinner. Hadn't thought that some sites maybe out to steal content. Awsome free info - You rock!

  • In my experience PLR content is best used for turnkey offers.

  • bretsimmons

    I saw Darmesh also. So glad I did not go home early. He was AWESOME!

  • Me too, his talk was so inspiring.

  • Thanks for the great insight into the sessions you attended - really enjoyed these videos. You should certainly take advantage of article marketing - especially via My best-producing article there as of last check has generated over 39,000 visitors (Thirty Nine Thousand) to the website linked to in my bio-box. This is with around 107,000 views - a massive 37% clickthrough rate. Not all articles do that well, but between them, tens and tens of thousands of clickthroughs - all targeted visitors to my sites and my clients' sites - all for free. Take advantage!

  • Thanks James I plan to do just that. I am now an article marketing convert.

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