What Can Marketers Learn From The iPad Launch?

I believe there are six things we can learn from Apple’s launch of the new iPAD. What other lessons can we learn from Apple and their launches that can be applied to everyday business?

  • Brad

    Great video, you make some excellent points.

    I read an article this morning on what Steve Jobs was also telling vendors and competitors, http://tiny.cc/rwykW; it's an interesting article on how Apple is trying to exert control over what's used on it's hardware. How this relates to marketing is interesting in that as a company who relies on other vendors to produce and supply goods and services for their hardware they've taken a stance of "play by our rules or don't play at all"; you'd think taking this type of stand would hurt sales an put them in a bad light but for Apple it seems to help.

    There's much that can be learned from Apple in terms of not only marketing to consumers but also dealing with vendors and suppliers.

  • vincent pace

    Brad, excellent

  • Patrick Carter


    I think very valuable lessons to be learned in deed. Any thoughts on the criticism they are receiving on the net for no mac os, no camera and it is just a glorified enlarged iphone? I am starting to think with all the pre-hype they overpromised and underdelivered? Or is it that our expections were way too high for the product they produced? I would be interested in your thoughts.


  • Those are some truly novel ideas for the IM space (live stream and 3rd party users doing demos). In my opinion, absolutely excellent.

    I'm really enjoying your videos, Brad. And I'm taking notes. :D


  • Thanks Shane I am so glad to hear you are getting value! I watch videos on your site often, we should look at a link swap.

  • Send me a mail, why don't you? :)

  • They've got my money - I'll be a proud owner of an Ipad (hate the name), regardless of lack of flash support, and 3G on ATT. It just looks ... FUN. Let's not forget the cool factor -- I travel a lot internationally, and this will make plane trips a touch more pleasant (when I'm not able to fly Singapore Airlines) ...

  • I agree on the name. Sounds like an interactive sanitary napkin lol.

  • Hey Brad,

    Great video post. I'm a big of Apple and Steve Jobs, and truly believe that the iPad will set the trend for this kind of devices, but more important, I see an opportunity for Internet Marketers to sell their eBooks through a new channel.

    Regarding the product launch analysis, it is important to say that Apple had a huge hardcore fan base, and each product release is perceived as an exciting emotional show on itself. Good stuff to study for Internet Marketers.


  • Chad thanks for your comment. I am one of those hardcore fans lol. But I think emotion and fans can be built online too :)

  • tonylopes

    Good vision. Thanks to send me your newsletter.

  • Brad,

    Great video. I thought I had a good setup with 2 monitors... I need to get with the program!

    Nice setup,


  • Thanks Steve, actually I have 5 screens total lol.

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