You Are Not Scalable Your Content Is

Many times we get caught up in a one to one ratio of utilization of our time. What I mean by this is that you are spending time selling, educating, or servicing single customers. Sometimes this can be avoided but I thought some examples after I shot the video that I wanted to share with you.

There was a time when my company was building a lot of Word press websites for clients. I was finding that a large number of those clients needed help using WordPress. The first idea was to give each client a one-hour training session to teach them WordPress, then I thought bigger and considered running WordPress training classes in my office. Ultimately I decided to film a series of video tutorials on how to use WordPress. Each new client got a copy of this tutorial on DVD just eliminating the time I had to spend teaching WordPress.

Another good example is when I have a client that’s on a limited budget that wants me to consult with them, I ask them to allow me to record our video call or audio call. I will then use that content later to help promote myself or to share with my list.

Think about ways that you might be wasting time, and consider how you might be able to create some content to better leverage that time and still help people maybe even in greater numbers. I would love for you to share your experiences and examples below.


Brad Gosse

P.S. Thanks Rajesh Setty for illustrating this point to me!

  • Excellent advice Brad. Yes, I'm sure we all have those clients that just don't have the budget but that we consult with nonetheless. You just helped me figure out a way to duplicate myself.

    Thanks for the great information on your site. Keep it coming!

    Scott Smeester

  • Hi Brad

    Your information make so much sense. working on the work that will generate more exposure in the future instead of doing a one point connection for each prospect.


  • It's all about doing things that are duplicatable these days :)

  • Great Info Brad - Attraction marketing is where its going or where the internet world is moving and using the methods you've outlined are money!

    Thanks for sharing -

  • Thanks James glad have you commenting here :-)

  • thanks brad! this is exactly what i needed to hear!

  • Hopefully you've been creating some content that I can help you scale :-)

  • JMichaelZ

    Sometimes its funny how you know something and then just seem to forget it. I do have Camtasia and I am almost at the turnover phase of a project right now. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out out a way for my client to do learn to do their ongoing part without spending hours training them. Thank you again.

  • This is exactly what I love about promoting info-material/downloadables and online marketing in general.
    It's a huge blessing that you can scale your products and presence online almost ad infinitum, without needing to put in extra time. Of course, the whole business is very front-end heavy, so you'll usually be putting in a lot of time to start with and see little results, but if you keep at it, you'll experience exponential growth of results without exponential growth of work.

  • Shane, I know you put this into practice because there are a ton of videos on your blog. Keep up the great work!

  • Great post brad Absolutely awesome.
    No time like the present to get at er wasted time is wasted cash.

  • Go get a flip cam and start shooting videos. I can't wait to see them.

  • Hey B,

    Ok I did one have a peek

    Ciao for now

  • Brad:

    Great insight. When you start leveraging yourself in that way you reach a lot more people. I will add something more to make your sales process automatic and qualify your prospect within the sales process. Not many people do that. Most people do not know how to treat a lead. I personally utilize the auto responders and all the content I create, I set it up in a sequence that will "attract" my leads into customers. Making this process automatic has made a huge difference in my business.

  • I'm sure it has. I personally don't like to auto feed e-mail to my list. I know that it works for others but I prefer to stay current with them.

  • JMichaelZ

    I have found that in my adventures with clients that they often need pretty much the same thing. I wish i had thought of making a video to show them how their new sites could work. Thank you for that idea.

  • I am glad to help. All you need is a screen capture tool like jing or camtasia

  • Working on attraction marketing, back to it now :)

  • When I finish reading Inbound Marketing I will loan you my copy.

  • Thanks appreciate that. You can see part of my book collection at if you need anything to read.

  • Caroline Irwin

    Thanks for your guiding words Brad, I absolutely get it. In fact, today, I spent my time writing an article and creating 2 video blogs. I want to reach thousands, not hundreds. Thank you!!

  • I look forward to seeing your results :-)

  • Thanks Brad. I am truly honored by your kind words.

    I have been following your work for a long time so this is extra special for me.

    Have a wonderful day there.


  • Thank you Rajesh the feeling is mutual.

    I am scaling my bits not my atoms :-)

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