Coaching a Convict to Millionaire Status – Week 12

It’s been a while since I have provided you with an update on my coaching calls with Mark Lyford. As you may know Mark recently got out of prison and I have volunteered to help him get back on track financially. I have worked with Mark to help them create and sell various products online. Instead of my normal written update I thought it would be good to ask Mark himself to share his update with you.ReTeks

Feel free to share your comments below.

  • Hi Brad:
    This is so cool. It's just wonderful that a guy in the UK is getting his act together in a big way, thanks to you and to his perseverence. Thanks also for all the good advice, etc. you are sharing.

    Hope to see you at our next IM Meetup

  • GREAT Job Mark! Every time I hear an update on your progress I'm amazed at how well you are doing!

    Good on ya Brad helping him and working with him to reach these goals!

    Keep up the good work and I can't wait to hear the next update!!!

  • druwainwright

    Hey Brad

    I have to say that what you do is amazing. So far i have learned so much from you through our conversations and also from looking throught this site on a regular basis! Great stuff...

    Speak soon

    Andrew Wainwright

  • Brad, nice to see the success Mark is having so far, really looking forward to seeing him double a couple more times.

  • Brad, I'm really happy for Mark (because he really needs this) and for you, as it's a testament to your skills in internet-marketing, know-how as a teacher and mentor. The meeting we had recently was really a boost for me. It really got me thinking about the direction I've been on vs. the direction I should be on. I'm right in the middle of renovating a rental property but as soon as I'm finished (it's so time consuming), I will be working towards getting on the right path. Mark's a lucky man to have you in his corner!

    Thanks for sharing with me Brad!

    Take care,

    Tony Brayley.

  • Thanks Tony.

    I look forward to hearing your progress!

  • Patrick Carter

    Wow! 100% increase in revenue over last month. That is absolutely how the snowball starts rolling down hill and picking up momentum. I have been following this amazing story with you and Mark and I am just floored as to how he started with $20 and now has increased that by 100 times in monthly revenue. All in 90 days. Just amazing and fantastic. You should really think about starting a reality tv show. Keep up the great work and just absolutely fantastic.

  • Trust me doubling trends are not easy to surf forever. We will hit a few walls and I am preparing for them. The progress to date is VERY good!

  • Chris

    What's his website? or product?

  • Chris, you will find his blog on the right sidebar under friends: Mark Lyford ..

  • Well that is fantastic, Brad you are a good guy with a ton of knowledge so I am not surprised Mark is gaining already. As one who has received some advice from you I know first hand your are a straight shooter and have a genuine desire to help others so this is just a prime example of the way you go out of your own way and take time to set people on the right track to success Mark is definitely going to make it if he continues to pay attention to you and apply what he is learning. I am impressed and if there is anything I can do to help let me know

  • Thanks so much for your kind words

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