5 Reasons Why “Make Money Online” Systems Don’t Work

So many people are buying work from home, make money online and other systems. The failure rate is high and I wanted to explore why I think that happens.

  • I have read multiple Trump books that is for sure.... I am no millionaire!
    I wish I had a better follow through ratio myself!! I've started my very first blog mycorrie.com all about my love of Coronation Street. Failure is the only reason it won't work and I hope I pull through!

    I also LOVE that Lawn Cutting story!

    Great advice Brad! Thanks for all your help with everything so far!!

  • gordpurdy

    I agree to your comments and one thing in particular that you may have missed , is that you simply have to work hard to succeed. Nothing comes easy when it comes to any business start up. Nothing is just going to fall on your lap.

  • marklyford

    Hey Brad, Good video. Its true what you say.. The only reason I buy any "make money" program now is to try and get at least one tip from it.. in addition to that I buy them to trya nd get ideas for models of products that Im going to produce myself.

    This video can be summed up by something I witnessed last weekend at Mark Anastasi's List building event.... FOr any of you who watch my daily blog you will know I had a lot of good things to say about a guy called Saj P. Well he was selling his product at the end (real good product and more of a blueprint system really ) and Im talking to Saj after his speech and a woman comes up to him and says " Im buying your product... are YOU going to make me some money ? " ..... are YOU going to make me some money... thats the mentality. He replied " I cant make it for you, you have to put the effort in, but I will give you everything you need to be able to start " etc.... And thats the problem with people they are looking for a quick fix....

    No I know Im the most impatient person in the world and I want my situation resolved as quickly as possible, but I also know its only a matter of a LOT of hard work, using the knowledge of others ( LIke Brad and others etc ) taking the techniques I learn and it will happen....

    The sad truth is that 75% of people that buy any of these product will never ACT... they are just buying hope....

  • Hi Brad,

    In my humble opinion, people online aren't really buying products or services, they're buying "hope." They whip out their credit card in response to the latest "fad" hoping that it will get them closer to their goal of "making money online." Most feel good about the decision once the order button is pressed. And that satisfies their psychological need for the time being, until...

    The next gadget comes along.

    Then the same scenario plays all over again when the next gadget comes along. So the buyer purchases his/her next fix of "hope." It's a powerful emotion that you'll see in 100% of the sales letters online today. Can't knock the online marketers for that. Car salesmen, furniture salesmen and other off line retailers have used the same principle effectively for years.

    The solution, as stated by you and other comments on this blog is for people to re-evaluate whether this opportunity is 1) really something they're interested in pursuing and 2) whether their is a real, genuine desire to actually implement the techniques being taught. It's tough work. But the salesletters make it seems "so easy."

    Proof of what I'm saying is evidenced by the popularity of the DIFY (Do it For You) sites popping up all over the Internet. They promise everything except to roll a wheel barrow up to your front door with all the cash they suggest you'll "earn".

    Lets' face it. The internet is a business. And how many people are "really" cut out to be in business for themselves. This statement isn't intended as a slight toward anyone. It's just a reality of life. Heck, our country wouldn't be in such bad shape if more people were "really" equipped and wanted to be in business for themselves. The doors are obviously wide open. Yet, the unemployment lines grow longer and longer.

    Bless those who "do" take action on the opportunities on the Internet. And equally blessed are those who simply are comfortable with holding a "job". I submit that both have one thing in common... "hope" for a better future.

    All the Best,

    Jay Douglas

  • Mike Ser


    You hit the important points in explaining why some people succeed while the majority fail. It is usually not the system that fails but rather the person who fails. Your experiences are exactly in line with my background in teaching people how to trade stocks for a living. I've taught a lot of students over the years and I can honestly tell you that I have a good idea whether a student will be successful as a trader just based on interacting with that person throughout the learning period. I wont list all the qualities but they include passionate about the stock market, driven to succeed, positive attitude, discipline etc... In my opinion, the most important quality is you got to love what you do. If you are not passionate about what you do and are in it only for the money then you will not succeed in the long term.

    One major flaw that I have in regards to the make money online systems is there is no one to support you while you are in the learning period. Most of these get rich or money systems merely promise you that if you buy this dvd or ebook then you will become successful. These systems are telling you that if you have this knowledge then you will become successful. If this is the case then all the Phd's in world will be flithy rich. This is why it is so important that you have a mentor who is guiding you along the way while you are learning. Imagine having taken Donald trump's real estate course and having Donald there as a mentor so he can critique you on real life real estate deals or more importantly, motivate the heck out of you to get your ass off the couch. This is why all my training programs include a mentorship program of 3 months where they have access to me to critique, motivate, listen and guide them during this important period. Once I implemented this type of program, I saw my student's success rate improve dramatically.

    Hope this helps.


  • Awesome video Brad, this should be a must see for anyone who thinks they want to make money from the internet. I think most people don't realize with making money online is that you are running your own business and should be treating it as one. If their boss in their 9-5 job sat back and did nothing the business would fail.To succeed in any business you are constantly learning, adapting, creating and looking for new opportunities.

    In regards to make money online systems they offer lots of great ideas/ information on avenues available and are great to supplement your own projects. If you are selling someones system as your only source of product/ service you are really only employed by these people on a commission basis. If you have modified it to direct 100% income/leads to yourself then you are at the stage of being your own boss and must act accordingly - learn, adapt, create and look for new opportunities.

  • I agree, people's results will be different based on their actions. In one way or another we are all buying other peoples stuff to make our products. It is how you put them together to make it work.

    Depending on skills and motivation people buy different levels of pre made stuff, and you can be successful getting 10% and building the 90%. You can also be successful getting a 90% build and adding a 10% tweak.

    The reverse is also true. (you can be unsuccessful.)

    One of my products is a pre-created system that people can basically start running with, some take it and run with it. Others get the same system, but do not have success and stop.

    If I am building a resource for the long term - Break even is a bonus. (but profit is magic. :-) )

  • slainte

    Great points Brad. One of your points relating to 'expectations' is I believe very high on the list. A lot of marketers are very guilty of raising expectations in their sales copy so you can't exactly blame those who are the main buyers of 'make money online' programs.
    Plus, the majority of these programs only address one aspect of what is afterall an online 'business'. Apart from actualy making money you also have to know how to control money and what to do when times are lean. There is just so much to learn which can't or isn't adequately covered in most programs.

  • arnaldog

    I'm recommending you to my friends who are into IM. Great video as always. Keep them coming.

  • Brad,

    Excellent points, especially the last one you made. I'm guilty also of this but the difference is in the point you made about taking one or two good ideas away from the products. Many people, while not even finishing the products they bought, will not even get that point. I think it is the most important thing you said here.

    Funny how someone will buy a $47 ebook, not use it, and complain about it not working for them because they didn't make 100k in a week. On the same note, they will spend 50k on a 4 year education and be willing to work at a job they hate for 20 years. I'll take the self employed route every time. Thanks for the excellent video. Take care. Patrick

  • Dallas Kelso

    Hi Brad - have only just started getting some of your stuff. Another reason why they don't work for some programs, is that thousands of people all start following a "secret formula" that is normally on the edge of spam or short term tactics anyway, and when everyone has spent their money on that course, it soon becomes less effective...

  • I am starting to learn that there are no secrets anymore. The difference is people want someone in authority to tell them what and how to do things. I prefer to do my own thing and discover new territory :)

  • Ray

    I think that people fail because they don't realize that you do have to work in order to achieve success. Once they find out they have to actually work they figure it's easier to just do the 9 to 5 job than to work on something where the payout isn't guaranteed.

    I think plenty of people who jump into this business are stuck in their 9 to 5 mentality where they are paid for the work they do, they know if they work they are guaranteed to get a check etc. It's hard to stick with something that might not give you the immediate results you're looking for. JMO.

  • Hey Brad,

    Makes perfect sense... I think you're right on the button there! I agree with you because I see some of these characteristics in me. For some reason a combination of procrastination, laziness and inexplicable fear conspire to overcome your motivations and drive, leading to a paralysis and lack of inspiration, almost like a battle of good versus evil!


  • Dear Brad: From my perspective the main problem with the system are 2 things:

    a) People don`t do anything, they buy a book and they never read it, the few that read them don`t apply and even the small part that apply do not follow up because they would not create a million dollars in their first try.

    b) People need to have a little bit more critical thinking, common sense will be required more than ever, sales letters over promise because that is what people want to hear, `the magic pill` `The magic bottom `, `the plug and play`solution and they do not understand that no matter how good it sounds they still need to analyze the message and ask them self : Am I looking for a magic formula and this sales letter is just telling me what I want to hear``

  • I was about to put tens of thousands into your make money system, thanks for saving that....kidding.

    One of the silver lining points I got from this video was that you can copy someones steps exactly, however may not get the exact results becuase there is that level of energy, mindset, unseen whatever you want to call it that has to be in the person to succeed...

    Question is how can you get people to take more action or get them in that mind set?


  • I agree with the lack of follow through. The bottom line is
    1) people don't do what they're told
    2) like you were eluding to, relatability is a big part of it - if people aren't interested in marketing, then a marketing website may not be the right choice for them (there are other options)
    3) if its not a quick fix they give up too early - it takes time to become an expert at just ONE aspect of internet marketing - the other mistake they make is trying to become a jack of all IM trades and end up doing jack all.

    -Stephan Bevan
    SEO Commando

  • Great video, it's important for people who buy any product to not blame the product if they don't implement the plan. There is a similar issue for people when they buy golf training aids. I've talked to people who said that certain training aids they bought 'didn't work'. I come to find out later that they never took the product out of the box, just stored it away in the garage until their wife donated it to goodwill.

  • Guest

    Good video Brad. I think another major reason a lot of "make money" systems lack the basic building blocks that the system creator takes for granted. Basic skills like copywriting, simple web development, product creation, and other key elements are typically skimmed over.

    Personally, I feel that "systems" should be broken down into individual skill sets. This way, as you explained, people can learn one important piece of the puzzle... rather than try to learn learn one persons way to do it all.

    Edit: I just published an article today that I feel is relevant. Its explains how learning basic web design is a foundational step for becoming an Internet marketer. It isn't as important as copywriting or product creation in the big scheme of things, but it enables you to do all of those things with less time and money. Shameless plug (please forgive me) - http://bit.ly/aEAHzu

  • I think people not following through is a huge one.

    Lets be honest - I'd say a big portion of people who purchase these systems want something where they can take a couple minutes to set up and then they can sit back and watch the automated dollars roll in. It doesn't work like that though. The people who create theses systems (at least the good ones) usually do so after they have made some significant money from them. They then, sell you the blueprint.

    You still need to work on it or outsource the work on it. A friendly architect can you give you the blueprint to the Playboy Mansion, but if you aren't willing to hang drywall, or pay someone to do it - you aren't going to end up with the Grotto.

    From a personal stand point - I love how you ended the video with the comment about blazing your own trail. I have been guilty of using a system that someone created and found it a bit monotonous and not very fulfilling. It felt kind of like if you were a writer and someone sold you a novel that was fill in the blanks.

    But now that I watched your video - if you find a system that intrigues you - maybe all you need is that "one good idea" like you mentioned. Maybe you can use some of the aspects from these systems, and you can stay motivated by putting your own spin on a part of it - whether that means a unique traffic generating idea or your own ad copy...Im not sure. But regardless it is an interesting way to look at these money making systems.

    Good stuff Brad!

  • Patrick Carter

    Great...Great...Great Advice. Especially for a Newbie like myself. Kind of felt like you were talking to me. Thanks for the sage advice. Looking forward to Mark and your webinar in 15 minutes at www.onlinebasicsbootcamp.com


  • Hey Brad

    Awesome video, being very new to the IM industry I'm stuck at where to go from here and have been looking at a couple of different systems to help kick start me and this really helps to put things into perspective

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