How To Get to The Top Of Google

I wanted to see if I could explain the high level of SEO in under 1 minute. How’d I do? Sorry about my sick voice. Fighting the flu today 🙁

  • This video is so perfect! THE PERFECT LENGTH even! I love any video under 1 minute! Its hard to get them down that small! Nice job!

  • I may try a re edit with a better mic. I shot this with a cold lol

  • That's a very good explanation for the time given!
    If someone just goes ahead and takes massive action on just the advice given in this video, I bet that would be enough to get ranked on page 1.

  • Thanks Shane. This is the root of our SEO strategy for many sites :)

  • Guest

    SEO explained in under one minuted. One of the best I have seen if you know what is SEO. Otherwise, somebody will have no clue what the heck is this one.

  • Agreed you need to understand the basics first. Google Webmaster tools offers a basics lesson :)

  • Brad, great video. Thank you. Question: how many key phrases do I need, what's the minimum, what's the maximum? Feel better and eat oranges, they do help to fight colds.

  • I start with 3 holy grail phrases or words and rank them first.

    Thanks for the tip on the oranges :)

  • Caroline

    I loved "Get Off Google Crack" Your clip is awesome for someone new (like me) because it's quick hitting information that takes the pressure off of HOW to rank at the top on google. Thanks much! Feel better soon...

  • THanks :)

  • ah, to me the holy grail is keywords. If you don't know what your buyers are searching for how can you optimize your tags, descriptions, content, anchor text etc...

    This is no difference in offline marketing either....You must know who your customers are and what their biggest wants are...then you give it to them on a silver platter...

    For me, every seo campaign starts with 10 good keywords and goes from there.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    For most this is an easy exercise. Unless you work long tail niches you have a pretty good idea in your head what the holy grail is for you :)

    We work with 3 key phrases at a time on this end.

  • Excellent video, right to the point and exactly how I rank my websites!

  • Thanks :)

  • Nice presentation Brad. I like these kind of quick hitting videos that capture attention and leave you wanting to learn more.

    Is it strictly about link volume or do the quality of the link backs matter?

  • Quality trumps quantity every time. 1 good link beats thousands of crappy ones.

  • I love the short video and very informative. I am glad that I am doing all those things you suggested here on my sites. Hope you are feeling better....grin.

  • Your on fire :) Nice video Brad hope all is well :)

  • You rock man thanks for the stumble :)

  • Peter

    Nice and quick.. but maybe just a little too quick?
    Is there a way to automate these process? :)

  • jimjames

    Most of the tasks can (and should, IMHO) be automated if you plan on doing more than one site or product.

    A small software publisher called has products for under $15/30 that automate article submission, directory submission, even PAD submission.

    I am not incansoft's owner, just a happy user. Stuff works, but you have to take some time to set it up (duh).

  • There are some ways to automate but most of it needs to be done the old fashioned way.

    Great content trumps automating the process to rank crappy content ;)

  • Excellent, short and to the point. That'll be $77, right? Thanks and take care. Patrick

  • I have seen people charge hundreds for the same info fluffed out into a 60 page "ebook" LOL

  • marklyford

    Love it mate ! Absolutely great ! :)

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