• Is it the software that's evil, or the way it's used? What if you had only set it to post 10 (or whatever # would have about doubled your ability to do it manually)? Not that all users - or even most users - would be able to temper themselves, because of excitement and greed.

    Personally, I love automation. I use a system that automates without a footprint, provides links to my original content from hundreds of individual users (and IP addresses) every month. Because it's a truly automated system, not software that just anyone can buy and (over) use, no one person can muck it up for everyone else:-))


  • Is it just me or is there no sound?

  • One of the MANY great points you made in that WORKSHOP!

    Can't wait for the next one!!

  • Tim

    Great Video. But why not use bookmarking software or automation? I understand the craiglist example becasue of abuse but not the bookmarking one. How would that make a difference either way.

  • Tim

    I only condone using software that is sanctioned by the websites you are bookmarking. If it is not you will probably have a short-term gain but will eventually deal with account bans and deletions.

    Sites like stumbleupon and digg.com don't want you automating your experience with their websites.

  • You're right about the importance of high-quality content, but even a good site can have a hard time ranking in the SERPS. Social Bookmarking is just one way, definitely not the best, to give a website a little boost. It have helped me getting indexed fast, and some of my bookmarking links from sites like Folkd, Mixx and OYAX, can still be found with Site Explorer and the Google webmaster tool, after 4-6 months. It is of course crucial to create a couple of good titles and descriptions, that perfectly describes what the reader will get when clicking your links.

  • Hey champ, brilliant analogy. I am repainting my Easy Button, and calling it a Keep Going Button. Thanks for keeping it simple.

  • I don't think many marketers actually reads those social media TOS pages :-) I am using a bookmarking tool to automate, but I know it's really important to be careful. Mix it up a little. Don't select the same 30+ sites everytime, but spread it out and use rotating title texts and descriptions. :-)

  • Fact is if your content was great you wouldn't need those tools ;)

    The path to least resistance comes from good content.

  • Great advice and very sticky.. I'll make decisions about software use much quicker now. When you look at it like "the 19 year old girl", it's much easier to just follow your gut and avoid bad decisions. Sometimes the temptation is huge, but doing the right thing always pays off, in business and in relationships. Very practical Brad. Thanks.

  • Thanks Jimmy glad to have you commenting here!

  • cccameron

    I hear you loud and clear, you stopped me just in time!

  • LOL Really? What were you about to do?

  • Great analogy! And very true too. It's very refreshing to hear someone finally teaching that you don't have to take the easy way out to be successful. Thanks!

  • Thank you Helena, I appreciate your feedback.

  • LOL...that was a great example even though both our wifes were in the room.

    I have stopped using automation for everything except videos. With outsourcing doing it manually is a no brainer and much more effective.


  • I am glad to hear that it sunk in for you. Have fun at the Olympics.

  • Hey Brad

    Excellent point, but I prefer to look at automation as another tool in arsenal and just like every tool if used properly can be a huge benefit but if used in the wrong way can hurt ya.


  • Everything in moderation my friend :-)

    We do have some tools in our shed. We just don't use anything that would break the terms of service on a particular website.

  • There are a few automated software programs that are good (like the twitter-facebook connects), but the "too good the be true" ones are just crap. Essentially you end up with duplicate content, a big no no from big G. So you might as well flush your blog or website down the toilet.

    Good points you make Brad, very common sense.

  • Thanks Marc, nice avatar :)

  • Hey Brad,

    That's an amazing analogy you used. Vivid and powerful. Wow.....

    Though I still think that automation used in a moderate way saves money and time.
    Anyways, I'm still an unmarried man. :)

  • Risky Business Mister :)

    I do see the allure my friend. Best advice to stay moderate is to use approved/endorsed tools only :)

  • Hi Brad.

    Software is evil if it's not professionally designed and not sufficiently tested. Software has to be custom made and modified rather often because business changes and the software has to be able to handle the business. The sexy situation you described in the video, Brad, had to be a system that contained several modules and the modules would have to be activated depending on the requirements. Software is not evil, but it has to be put in place when the process is defined. This is my professional opinion as I was a software developer for over 20 years.

  • I am not saying software is evil :) I am a programmer so I love tools to help me. I am talking about automation that defeats the spirit of the sites you end up gaming.

    Also note I am guilty of trying the automated way. I took that road for years and made money but none of it was sustainable.

  • Brad, totally agree...right on the money. Software has pros and cons. The idea of more is better doesn't always apply. If you want full automation...it sounds great and is very tempting especially for anyone strapped for time.

  • Deliver us not into temptation LOL

  • Rachel Webb

    Very funny! But, exactly why is it so dangerous?

  • Automating is dangerous because you run the risk of getting banned. Either your domain by google or your social media accounts. I have worked hard to build a following on twitter. Why would I risk losing my account to run some automation software promising me more followers?

    If you are a fly-by-night spammer automation will work for you but if you are building a reputation you need to do things properly.

    I am not saying ALL automation is bad. I am talking about tools that break the TOS of sites like DIGG, Twitter, etc.

  • delavera

    well said Brad

  • excuse me, but who are interested in Internet marketing now....

    Sweden takes GOLD.... do i have to say HOCKEY.

    Allt för att reta.

  • Sorry man, Team CANADA, home ice. Just sayin.

  • Caroline Irwin

    Hillarious (and good points)!! I was just getting ready to log off for the night when I saw the title of your post come up! I had completely forgotten about the analogy during that course and was hugely intrigued by the title of your post. Good job on all points.

  • I was a bit thrown off when Mukul mentioned it but it was a funny way to illustrate the point.

  • I like your style brad keep up the great work!

    Henry Corbett

  • Thanks Henry :)

  • What did you think of this video? Your comments make my day!

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