How Do I Make Money Online?

The question of how to make money online shows up in my inbox on a daily basis. I wanted to address it here. If you are asking yourself this question I think it’s important to analyze this video and start putting a list together of your skills.

  • Brad, I have to somewhat disagree...the fact that the question ended with "online" is way more specific than just asking, "How can I make money?" :)

  • Hey Brad, how do I make money online? :)

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    Hi I like your video and attitude.May I ask you one question: I have a wordpress and want to set it up as a blog as
    my home site.I like the blue wave theme or templet or what ever you call it.The trouble is that I don't know how to
    put it in my site.Could you please give me some kind of direction I should go? Due to lack of money, I can't really
    pay a website person to build it for me.Also I am a visual person and right now it is like having a thousand piece
    puzzle with no picture of how it should look. My website is, Thanks. John Wright

  • Google is your friend. Search for "How to upload a new theme to wordpress" I bet you find tons of guides and videos :)

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Great advice Brad. I have seen and read so many ebooks and ecourses that discuss the various strategies and tactics of making money online. So many of them involve researching niche markets where people are spending money. The problem for newbie marketers is that they don't understand what they are doing to begin with. When they try to market this random product online, they are not interested in it and they are frustrated with their learning curve for online success.

    I like your suggestion much better. Start with something you have passion and talent for. Identify one of more market segments that can use your skills. Create something of value for this market and then spend all of your time learning internet marketing skills that connect you with your niche audience.

  • The sooner people start seeing the internet as a vehicle for business and not as a business the better :)

  • Thanks for the advice Brad!

  • The answer is always different for everyone that is for sure!! I know that making money doing something you enjoy or like to do HAS to be easier than what most people actually do!

    Great video!

  • Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the post. Boiled down I think you're simply asking folks to take action. Do something! THIS was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.. My first project was a flop but it opened doors for other projects that worked and were profitable.

    Now I have so many ideas for products it's hard to focus on just one. There is a huge snowball effect when you start taking action and the adrenaline that pumps through your veins every time that email hits your in-box " You have a new online order" is magical

  • nobleroberson

    Thanks Brad for your help, you are good at what you do and how you say it.

  • Glad I could help an old friend. I think you have something worthy of a decent sized business :)

  • Good advice Brad, I also get a few emails about how to make money online and now I know where to send them :)

  • Fantastic, another goofy YouTube thumbnail. I am starting to love how funny they make me look.

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    You can customize the freeze frame in the video's settings.

  • I know man but it's more fun when I look strange LOL.

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    Ops... I read that comment as being sarcastic :).

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