How To Re-motivate Yourself

I met with Justin Popovic today and we filmed a short video about how to get your head into the right space when you are demotivated.

  • Great video. I am going to bookmark this page for future reference.

    Great Blackjack analogy. Come on, who doesn't love playing with that big stack of chips.

    I really appreciate this video and I am going to share it with my readers. This is something that many newbie internet marketers fall into and have a hard time getting out because there has been very little success. I think it is easier for a veteran marketer to pull out of the funk than a newbie because they have the experience of success and have more contacts to reach out to.

  • I especially liked the comment about calling people when you're on a 'winning' streak - makes perfect sense!

  • You are the analogy king LOL! Black jack analogy is so good!

  • Great filming with you Brad. Its always great to exchange ideas with other motivated and creative entrepreneurs. I love the blackjack analogy lol! As a blackjack player, I totally got it!

  • leighsherman

    Spot on lads. It is certainly a reality that I have experienced in my personal entrepreneurial endeavors. The challenge certainly lies in controlling our thoughts regardless of our previous outcomes.

    I found initially the hardest part of continually refocusing and applying my efforts to a project/task that had not succeeded in the past, was the criticism and negativity from others, especially friends, family and partners close to me. They often didn't see what I saw, and to them it looked like I was insane or being stupid. This effected my motivation to retry or persist initially.

    What I think an entrepreneur or leader understands that most others don't is that if something doesn't go right we look at what we did wrong. The average person trying something new, more often than not, tends to give up after the first few attempts should they not succeed, and convince themselves the problem is outside of their control.

    Motivation come from knowing what is possible in your own life. If you feel the control is out of your grasp it is hard to find the motivation to continue persisting with a particular project/task.
    So I simply look for evidence that something is possible, and for me this comes from education, masterminding with leaders and continual self development.

    Great little video guys, cheers.

  • Guest

    A great attitude in this video.Life does have its ups and downs.When I was a teenager I used to listen to one of my
    uncles favorite songs, Part of it said like a rubber ball, come bouncing back to you.Thats how we should go through
    life like a rubber ball and keep bouncing back. Never letting negative self talk getting the best of us. You have a great
    attitude by the way it looks.

  • marklyford

    Great video guys, as an ex heavy playing blackjack guy I completely connected with the analogy :) to get re motivated I call and hang around like minded people... its works well for me... Im having a great few weeks at the moment and its all as a result of meeting more people.... .. thanks both :)

  • mariagudelis

    Great vid!

    Totally agree Brad - muscle memory in sports can be transferred to success in biz...get in 'the zone' - 'stay in the zone' when you come off a win! Call your leads after a win and all the fun stuff! Don't rethink it! We all control our internal state.

    And when that winning streak stops for a bit...One of my favorite lines is from the movie, Batman Returns when Bruce Wayne’s father speaks to him when he was a little boy:

    ALFRED: Took quite a fall,
    didn’t we, Master Bruce?

    And why do we fall?

    So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

  • Chris Eh Young

    Napoleon Hill said that most people quit when they're three feet from gold. Most people are only one small step from victory when they throw in the towel. I have been pretty de-motivated the last couple of days, I guess I need to get my arse in gear and go for the next win.

  • Brad, Justin good video. We all get excited and down, but I like your example of being one step a way. I think your analogies make things seem very simple and get the point across, so I hope to see it in your book.


  • travismartin

    Hey Brad, thanks for hooking up today for a coffee. You really steered me back in the right direction!

    I love the Blackjack analogy! For years now, I have carried a poker chip with me to remind me of a similar anaolgy I heard from Jack Canfield. His theory was, the more chips you have, the more confidence you have at putting more on the line, so always play life like you're the chip leader.

    I call you!! I'm all in baby!!

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