Setting The Bar – Aim High

I hope you like my sit down chats with Justin Popovic as much as I do. Today we discussed the topic of where to set the bar in business using the example of fundraising. This video is just over 4 minutes long and provides some good insights from Justin.

  • marklyford

    You gotta aim high guys ! ;) Great video ....:)

  • I agree with a few things here.

    #1 Forget about what everybody else thinks. The sooner you can remove your ego from the equation the better. What other people think doesn't matter.

    #2 If you are going to dream DREAM BIG. It is definitely important to be realistic but it is also just as important to really push and challenge yourself. An example is working out alone or with a personal trainer. With a personal trainer you will push yourself harder every time. The trainer is able to read your body language and challenge your body within it's limits. Something which is very tough to do on your own. In business you have to find a way to do the same. Push yourself to have realistic goals that are small enough to be attainable and big enough to be a challenge.

  • Thanks for the video!

    Even though I have been doing Internet Marketing for a few years I have net set any goals. This is one of the reasons that I feel I have not made much money online. This year though I have set goals, they maybe a little aggressive but I have them listed in front of me and I can no longer meddle around on the computer/internet/email because I have to get things done each day in order to reach my goals. I figure I will see where I am at at the end of the year and adjust my 2011 goals accordingly.

    - Rick

  • @Chris totally true man, you totally nailed the point on this one.

    Thanks for another great chat today Brad, I know this is a very personal decision for people when it comes to setting the bar. If nothing else, I hope we have provoked people to at least challenge their beliefs around where their personal bar is currently set.

    At least ask yourself the question "What might happen if I raise my bar to double or triple where I currently have it?". Its a good lesson in self discovery.

  • I think most people could do with raising the bar on themselves. However many people find themselves struggling to just get by and can't see how raising the bar will improve things. I think it's important to know that when you are caught up in the daily minutia sometimes you can get stuck.

    Raising the bar can give you the energy you need to get ahead.

  • Chris Eh Young

    Set big goals, dream big dreams. Too many people are afraid to set big, hairy, audacious goals, yet those are the ones that change the game.


  • All it takes is one person with a different view of things to change the world :-)

  • Makes perfect sense - if you aim for the stars, you'll at least get to the moon...
    Thanks for sharing

  • Sandra I'm glad you liked our talk. I like your saying about aiming for the stars and getting to the moon. I may have to steal that :-)

  • Guest

    This seems like a strategy that would work the first time only (at least for me). After that, you already have learned to accept "public ridicule" for falling short, and wouldn't be as motivated by avoiding it next time :). That said, we are all different and whatever works for you is all that really matters.

  • Guest

    Same here, I am tougher on myself than anyone else could be. Oddly enough, this similar mind set takes us in different directions regarding this public strategy.

  • Rick

    For me, this is not as much about public ridicule as it is about my own internal dialogue. I am tougher on myself than my worst critic could ever be. When I set a goal I tend to want to reach it. When I don't I am very hard on myself.

  • Justin and Brad, great video.

    I rarely hit my financial goals, however I always do well compared to the norm :)

    Brad, I did hit that one goals once last month we were talking about the other, first time completely online :) Also share with others that holds you more accountable.

    Thanks Guys,

  • Thanks Mukul

    I rarely hit my financial goals either because I set the bar too high. I'm learning that that's just fine :-)

    Some of my goals I have been putting right here on my blog which is definitely keeping me more accountable.

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