The Internet Economy

I have been meaning to discuss this topic for a while. So many people ask about how to make money before asking the more important questions about their business or website. My thoughts on how the online economy differs to the real world and how to think bigger.

  • I've really tried to keep monitization on the backburner! ITS hard but I want to build my following first! I just WISH I could get FACEBOOK size following... LOL I don't think my audience is that huge!

    GREAT advice once again Brad!

  • The Subheading Could Read:
    "The Last Name Rhymes With Boss Who Is His Own Boss"

  • Honest and down to earth is the best driven force.

  • Honest and down to earth is the best driven force.

  • daveinwales

    Great post Brad,
    Reminded me to hold out and be patient and keep doing what I'm doing even though the results are not obvious right now.

  • pkennedy

    Sub Heading:
    How to get right side up in an upside down economy.

  • johnny

    -- Canadian Internet Marketing Circus
    --- Internet Marketing on a Maple Leaf
    ---- Universal Internet Marketing Studios
    ----- Learn more stuff or get out of the way

    and thnx for all your videos and all the new ideas you gave me the first time I found you
    have a good one

  • Tim

    Points well taken.However in the back of my mnd I am seeing myself spending two years slowly building a community and then when I am ready to monetize it the idea either no longer works or never was going to. You also have to have be at the top of your game in all areas including both social and marketing skills.

  • Paul

    Hey Brad

    Great post and on the money as always. Great content, over delivering and building trust requires patience and practice but will always pay off in the long run.

    Few options for your Tagline:

    #1: Brad Gosse - keeping IM real
    #2: Brad Gosse - your IM guy
    #3: Brad Gosse - It's time for IM clarity (KPMG inspired)
    #4: Brad Gosse - enjoy the IM ride (Nissan inspired)
    #5: Brad Gosse - because IM worth it (Only joking! Although a good play on I'm))


  • Hi Brad, subheading ideas:

    #1: The "Golden Gosse" Internet marketing coach helps you maximize your profits...

    #2: Internet marketing coach helps you play the game to win and maximize your profits...

  • The Internet is definitely a supercharged platform for bringing people together, as in building a community and that's a great way to energize and brand, although the reality for most is unless you already have time and financial backing its a long road to the dinner table...

  • Matthew

    I agree completely. It's a turnoff when I check out a site and there's google adwords all over taking away from the integrity of the site/blog. I'm just getting started with building an empire online and have already decided not to even start my blog till I've got enough free killer content to build immense trust and make a person want to get to know me. Great content and honest communication. I've only seen 3 of your videos and already feel like I know you, and that's what it's all about....

    As far as sub-heading goes I'd just go with a direct approach... "Social Media and Internet Marketing Trainer".

    People in general are easily distracted and need you to spell out exactly what you can do for them.

    Nice video,


  • Guest

    Great video... similar message to that of "What Would Google Do" by Jeff Jarvis. Build a platform for people to interact in ways that interest them.

  • Nothing gets bought until something is sold, yet it's hard to sell until you build trust.

    I think this is where blogs can be so powerful. Writing to solve needs, giving away good information and helping people is a great way to build trust with your buyers.

    Sooner or later the law of reciprocity kicks in and folks buy from you.

    How do I know this? Easy, because it's happened to me thousands of times. When someone gives good information I almost feel compelled to at least buy something from them. I think it's just human nature.

    Sure, you'll always have the free loaders, tire kickers and looky loos but if you're always worried about getting ripped off, you'll never make one thin dime anyway.

    Thanks for your post Brad! I really appreciate it.

  • Your subhead should read:

    "Straight Talk About How to Really Make Money on the Internet"

  • Frank

    Hey Brad
    Been following your material for a while and your right on. Everybody is looking to make a quick buck first instead of providing informational value whether through text, video, forum, website, etc. Keep up the great info!!

    subheading..."Don't just Gosse It...Gosse It Like a Boss" (Stole that one from Andy Jenkin's video course!!)

  • SkyKingRon

    sounds like sound advice. I guess it can be a bit of a turn-off or scare to start throwing pitch's at people before they get to know and trust you. I can tell you first hand I'm more likely to buy from someone after I've gotten to trust them and maybe know what their products or services are.
    On a different note: perhaps it's my system but when it comes to videos, u tube works like crap. I get three words and have to wait 20 sec's for the next 3 etc. Most of the time I won't even bother watching a U tube vids because my patience has worn out b4 one sentence has been spoke.
    I did make it all the way through Brads though, thanks, good advice,

  • It is interesting to see how the Internet has gone completely away from traditional ways of running a business.

    I read a great article on Ashton Kutcher's media company in Fast Company a few months ago. Here it is

    Being someone who is working on new community projects and not needing to make any money off them this article really hit home for me. I was planning on running the projects at a loss and concentrate on traffic growth only. He brings up some very valid points. If you put off making money the day may never come when you do make money. The first internet bubble burst imo because companies were not valued on financial data. The same seems to be happening again. As a result I believe there is a strong possibility in 5 years from now Internet companies will be valued much more like traditional companies have always been valued. The reason for that is if you want to attract investors you need financial data to back you up and not just the promise or dream of it in the future.

  • Chris Eh Young

    So true. I have been trying to teach this concept to brick and mortar businesses too. All businesses should be built on a foundation of communication. Without communication there can be no trust. Without trust there can be no relationships, without relationships there can be no lasting business.

    I'm thinking of a tagline for you.

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