Ex-Convict Shoots For Millionaire Status [UPDATE]

If you follow me much you may know I am helping an ex-convict get back on his feet financially with coaching and technical help. Mark has been working his butt off to make these results happen. I am not sure I know anyone else who sleeps less or works harder because he is so motivated to be independent again.

  • Hey Mark, great job! Keep pushing, its all about momentum! One thing that you mention a lot is hard work.

    One thing folks don't understand about building a business is that it takes work! You must be made of Iron to do this.

    Look, some people "think" they want to be their own business but it's really not for them. And here's the thing, that's ok. Not everyone is meant to own their own business. I know my wife still works because she said she can't do what I do.

    The moral of the story here is you have to work! Good job!

  • Nick

    Great stuff Mark. Glad to see you suceed.


  • John Kane

    nice success!
    Would love to learn more

  • Peter

    Very nice Brad... but care to elaborate on the process a little more? :)

  • marklyford

    Hi Peter. I will be launching my "5k Report" very soon which will go into some more details.. ( It will be a free report btw ) .. look out for it soon ..

    All the best


  • Mike

    Inspiring stuff. Thanks for the reminder to keep at it, and continually build powerful relationships.

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