See Yourself as Bigger Than Your Problems

Justin Popovic and I sat down today for another video shoot. We discussed the problem we all face which is seeing your to do list, workload or problems as larger than they really are. I hope you like this personal development talks as much as the marketing stuff. I think they go hand in hand 🙂

  • I have created a To Don't list...helps me keep away from my online bad habits that are time wasters and distractions...Ultimately, I want to have a To Done list...

  • Wow, that describes one of my problems exactly. I do the exact same thing with my piles of e-mail, just like Brad describes. And it's true that once you get started, it becomes a lot easier than you might have imagined.

  • SkyKingRon

    Great vid guys, great point: Make YOURSELF bigger than the problem, to-do list or chore, because it really is a matter of perspective. The taking of the "right" perspective can make all the difference! Personally I will take a step back and check what my attitude, viewpoint or perspective is on something when it's either bothering me or I'm feeling overwhelmed, and you know, it's not as bad as I "perceived". Imagine that!
    I recently bought, speak of the devil, Tony Robbins RPM course, which is Rapid Planning Method, which helps you to throw away the to-do list and learn to "chunk" your time. It's a more systematic way of organizing your day or business. I recommend it. Brad, I do like your analogy of the mouse vs. the building, good perspective.
    P.S. I'm a newbie for now and I have my eye on you, but I like what I see so far, so keep it up and the best to you both.
    Success and Happiness,
    Sky King Ron

  • Chris Eh Young

    Hey we're guys, don't we always want to be first? If we could channel that competitive nature of conquering our competitors into conquering our tasks, we would surely complete them at a much quicker rate, and with much less hesitation.

    Another great video guys.

  • I wanted to be the first. Some guy once told me to be first (Brad delete Stephan and Justin, kidding)

    I totally agree being different then your problems. Oh, sorry I dont have problems, I have situtions and things to deal with but no problems. My wife shakes her head at this. I also dont have bad days. I had one okay day about 2.5 years ago when I ended up in the hospital for busting my knee.....anyways point is that it is perspective.

    Another thing I use to do is this. Most items, specially in Internet Marketing dont take more then a few minutes. I make a list of 2-3 things to do. It may be a online transaction, email, call the bank. These things take 5 minutes, but we wait weeks and weeks to do them. They delay other things. Thanks for the reminder on this.


  • Hey Brad,

    Wanted to be the first commenter on this post but Stephan beat me to the punch. I was too busy being overwhelmed by my to do list LOL. Seriously though, I'm glad we filmed this because it has given me a good reminder that I can handle ANY task regardless of the size. Its all a matter of attitude and seeing the tasks as easily achievable

  • seo commando

    Hey Brad;
    We had a great meeting yesterday.
    I think we have excuses so can be a victim and gain sympathy, maybe to get others to offer help - it sums down to laziness. Everyone has a program on goal setting but its really is an issue of doing the work and persevering. Having an accountability partner makes a big difference too.

    Nice video guys
    Stephan Bevan

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