Brad Gosse & Justin Popovic Memory Exercise

Justin Popovic said he can help me with my short-term memory problems. With a simple exercise I was able to remember 9/10 random items on the chalkboard. For me this is a big deal. I still need to find a way to make it work when I meet six people in the span of a few minutes and need to remember the first one’s name.

  • Hey Guys. I downloaded Brads hypnosis MP3 and want to thank you for that! I have a question for ya. My problem has never been memory so much. But with my ADHD diagnoses from around 3 yrs old. I have a bitch of a time concentrating, focusing and staying with a task/project (especially when I'm attempting to learn something new either by reading or watching a video). I start to get progressively anxious and eventually have to get up and walk away. I then have a very hard time getting back to the task at hand.

    I am attempting to build an Internet Marketing business and am frustrated and getting overwhelmed with it all. Do you have any advice on where I can start and what I can do to get things to go more my way here? Any ideas would be much appreciated!

  • Bill Jeffels

    Hey Guys

    I use to be terrible at remembering peoples names . And then I discovered a trick... well actually I listened to it on an Anthony Robins Cd.

    Kind of like Anchoring. So, what I would do is if someones last name was... lets say, Johnson, I'd try and remember them with a product from the makers of Johnson and Johnson.

    So, as soon as I saw this person I would think ( Anchor ) Johnson and Johnson. Gotta love Anthony Robins.

    Take care guys.

    Love the site.

    Bill Jeffels

  • It works, it works

    I am standing infront of the house with a DOG on the drive way, I look up in the sky and I see a ROCKET, then something strange caught my eye, there was a ELEPHANT on the street.

    There is a TREE on the front lawn, which has GRASS next to it and I was RAKE ing the grass, when I saw a little girl eating ICE CREAM, she was next the CAR which was on the GRASS

    I missing the connect to thee and bike (even when I originally said it). I missed the connect to tree when I wrote this.

    Cheers and Thanks,

  • Chris Eh Young

    I was going to write something clever here but I forgot what it was.

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