Charge Accordingly for Your Product, Service or Self

Justin Popovic and I discuss the price we charge for our work and how the value can sometimes be based on perception. This is not a prescription for you to overcharge your clients. But it may be a wake-up call to remind you to charge what your time is worth. That was my lesson when I saw someone else’s coaching pricing.

P.S. Sorry for the shaky video. My foot was kicking the desk the camera was mounted on.

  • I am the king of the free give away. I need to start charging for my knowledge period.

    I have heard from many people that it's easier to sell a $2700 program than a $27 e-book. Most people can't put a value on their time because they have never sat down and figured out what they're worth. They pull a price out of their backside and go with it and then never adjust it.

  • Noble

    Whats great about your videos is you keep it simple and to the point with no BS. It all just makes sense. Videos are amazing keep up the great work.

  • Hey guys, thanks for a backwards step in coaching. On an hourly scale, take care of the minutes and the hours take care of themselves...bottom line, one-on-one (per hour) model isn't worth it, no matter how much you charge...

  • Absolutely right guys. For me and our business we price on value to the customer. ie. What is it worth to the buyer for this service or product? Obviously todo this you need to be fully aware of your market as well, so that you can justify exactly where you play when the buyer brings up the cost objection.

  • Great video, once again. Charging more than you're accustomed to can be very difficult. But you need to realize what you're really worth. Can't let false modesty dictate your income.

  • Great point.

    I did a blog on this last week and on going from a dicussion I am sure we had. Dont charge for just time at a low rate. Charge what you are worth. If you do charge less, make sure it is Time + Future benefit, weather it be royalties, more time, income etc..


  • droopnarine

    Great Video and important point Brad/Justin. It really applies most consultants. I actually had this happen literally today with a new client!
    Thanks for sharing

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