Optimizing YouTube Videos For Search Engines

You may not know that YouTube has the option to upload closed captioning files to your videos. This allows YouTube and Google to find your videos and catalog them better that the ones without this information. I strongly urge you to take the time to do this if you have any of your own YouTube videos. I am confident it will improve your traffic and views.

  • Very interesting.. Now although this is only a week later, have you noticed any additional traffic to any of your videos from this, as of yet?

    I'm definitely going to try it out, seems like the only way to optimize videos, apart from uploading them with a keyword-saturated file name (and using that same keyword in the title, tags, description, etc.)

  • Hi Brad,
    Very interesting for sure. I'm just starting to do more video, I will be sure to give this a try.
    Thanks, Rick Ostler

  • jimrelay

    Very good, thanks for this value information....

  • ErinTM

    You could test this by putting in a completely bogus transcription and then see if your video bubble sup for your copy. Like on a vegan donut video make the transcript about eating cheesy eggs every morning for breakfast. That should tell you if they are indexing the transcriptions as opposed to any of the other ways they can index videos.

  • I like videos over reading (both producing and reading)

    Great insight, I have a similar perspective on it. You Tube has been able to use what you are saying in your video for atleast a year now..


  • You must have been thinking of me when you put this together, as I just started the process of uploading 30+ video's. Let's give it a shot! Oh, and by the way, you got to first page, #6 within an hour for the subject of your video too!

  • Interesting thought.
    The auto-transcriptions are pretty funny, most of the time. But it's obviously an attempt to get at what's inside the videos, to grab the content, so to speak. From the perspective of a search engine, it's a huge problem that they have so far been blind in terms of video content, so they have to go with the description and tags. But those can just be faked, of course.

    I wonder if you'll see a YT search-traffic increase after you've added your own captions. And I wonder how quickly the auto-captions will become more accurate.

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