Don’t Be Afraid To Suck (at first)

Justin Popovic and I talk about overcoming your fear of publishing that first bit of content. So many people want their first video, article or site to be perfect but overcoming that will make you successful faster.

  • Rachel Webb

    And, as Dan Kennedy says: "good is good enough".


  • Great video and I like the captions.

    As for the topic of discussion of being afraid to suck, I definitely fall into that category. I tend to be a perfectionist and I do things over and over and over again until I get it to where I think it doesn't suck (that doesn't mean someone else won't think it sucks). I have yet to post a video to my current blog because of this issue. However, I am going home tonight and I am going to record a video that just introduces myself to my readers and yes I might suck but at least I am going to start. I will comment back later once I get it up on my sight.


    - Rick

  • When I first started to try my hand at video marketing with YouTube I was trying to get signups for Jamster and I put out a bunch of videos like 5 best tunes from the movies, black eyed peas, x-factor and they sucked. They were just powerpoint slideshows of the subjects of the tunes with a badly recorded soundtrack. I remember it took hours to do them and at the time I was quite proud of them, but after seeing how few views they got and watching them I realised why, they sucked!

  • Good one Steve. I think we all have some of those videos in our archives. One of the great things about the low barrier of entry the Internet creates is that we don't have to spend a fortune producing our content like broadcasters do.

  • John D

    Nice video. How did u get the caption at the bottom?

  • John thanks for your comment. Earlier this week I put out a video which explains how to search optimize your YouTube videos using the closed captioning feature. Here is a link to that post:

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