How To Make Money With Camtasia

My friend Jeremy Burns created a 22 hour course called Camtasia Cash Secrets last year and sold it for $697. This course comes with a 1300 page manual, video planning templates, action idea flash cards and so much more.

Camtasia is a software application that requires no video equipment! You just install the Camtasia software and you can instantly start capturing videos of your desktop and any activities that you decide you want to capture.

If are planning to do any product creation this year that involves recording your computer screen, this course is for you. It’s done professionally, to a standard which I hold my own products to. Otherwise I wouldn’t dream of selling it to you.

Here is a sample video.

Here is a list of the 17 CD titles.

CD 1 An Introduction To Camtasia
CD 2 The Camtasia Studio Recorder
CD 3 Editing Clips In Camtasia
CD 4 Video Enhancement
CD 5 Working With PowerPoint
CD 6 Video Compression
CD 7 An Introduction To Flash
CD 8 The Menu Maker
CD 9 Action Ideas
CD 10 Action Ideas
CD 11 Action Ideas
CD 12 Action Ideas
CD 13 Camtasia 6 Introduction
CD 14 Camtasia 6 Editor
CD 15 Camtasia 6 Editor 2
CD 16 Camtasia 6 Production
CD 17 Camtasia 6 Delivery Options


The price I am charging for a short time is $97. (Camtasia software sold separately)

If for any reason this isn’t for you, I will gladly refund your purchase in full

 $97 (9GB Download)

  • Ken

    Hi Brad!  Is this product going to be updated for Camtasia 8?  I realize a lot of the same content will still work and I am looking to increase my productivity and effectiveness using the latest version.  Looking forward to your updates?  Thank you, Ken.

  • Dsm

    Nice unrushed video ... makes it easy for a newbie to follow along.

    Just to be 100% clear -
    - the CDs you offer, are they an A-Z on how to use Camtasia 6?
    - are they available as download movies, (because where I live we are subjected to import taxes!!)

    Looking forward to your response.


  • Yes it's downloadable. It's a year old so whatever version of Camtasia was current then :)

  • Guest


    It would be useful if you could maybe include a few samples videos of this series. Not so much on the action idea stuff I see in the TOC, but more along the lines of Tips and Tricks on Settings, Pan & Zoom, frame rate and the like.

    I just did a YT video on Twitter that looked fine on my PC, but doesn't show as well when I play it back on YT.

    I made the mistake of using some Camtasia info I got from a guy on Yahoo! Answers that didn't work as planned.

    I'm going to have to redo the video and update the embed code on Social Media Marketing Plus Blog.

  • Bob

    Was interested in this. Is there anymore info on this product that you could share or a video clip or 2?


  • I put up a youtube video :)

  • Bob I will try to get some sample clips live ASAP. Keep in mind if it's not for you it won't hurt my feelings if you request a refund on this one :)

  • This is some insane value here. Great post spoil us :)

  • droopnarine

    Hey Brad,
    Great offering here. I don't think there is any better software than Camtasia for the average video maker guy. Not only is the video and audio capture fantastic, their video editing is very simple to use. I've used most software from Premier, ULead, Nero, and Camtasia is the one I turn to the most. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to do a video product (I'm actually using it right now for my own product launch)

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