Google Algorithm Updates

After reading a really good article in Wired about Google and their new algorithm updates I thought it would be worth shooting a short video about the topic. Essentially Google has now admitted that they are using twitter results as a part of their link popularity engine. This is great news for those of us who have invested heavily in social media presence and quality following. They know the difference between automated twitter accounts and the real deal.


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  • Great video collection  thanks for sharing this blog.

  • Nice Video ! you have share good information with us....

  • i agree with you brad

  • Now this makes a lot of sense.

    Many thanks Brad for bringing this up and creating a video about it to imform your readers and followers.

    I too have wondered about this at times - this really explains it very clearly indeed.

    Wishing you every success!


    Mark Andrews - Professional Copywriter

  • Nice review of the article. I like how they went to the engineers (the source). Wired is a great mag. Another mag I actually get by print is Entrepreneur, which I love.

  • Hey I just StumbleUpone'd onto your page. Excellent videos you've done and I'll definitely be checking out some more of them.

  • I don't really think the print magazine is dead, but the presentation is changing. :)

  • Thanks for the video post and for explaining why my site shows up differently on different computers. Off to try and find the Wired issue.

  • .... so that's why those kinds of things happen, very informative article, thanks again Brad !! :)

  • I have been pulling my hair out litterally for weeks trying to figure out why I'm ranked 6 here,26 there, 16 over there. Even my Google webmaster tools seemed to be uninformed. :)

    This is the best answer I've heard for this problem that has been driving alot of us crazy. Thanks. I'll be sure to share this for you on my twitter accout plrnetmarketing

    off to chapters to pick up the magazine!

  • Rob

    Hi Brad: Great stuff. I also think personal search has a huge influence on why your neighbor sees different results than you. Your 60/40 idea sounds good and may be true but Bruce Clay said in when personal search was first launched "This will flip the SEO industry on it ears" Any thoughts around personal search?

  • Now I don't even have to read the article! Great video!

  • Great video Brad - I have been waiting for this one!

    I absolutely love the part about why different people see different Google results - just being able to tell clients a straight forward answer like that is perfect.

    I actually remember your twitter prediction as well - I think the migration (or at least a combination) to a live feed search is inevitable. You can already see when you do some searches (and it is usually for current event type searches) that Google has begun to integrate the twitter feed into their search results.

    Guess where that feed shows up? The top :)

  • druwainwright

    Great info as always - thanks Brad :-)

  • Great video.

    Nice to see your prediction from last year coming more true.

    I think at the end of the day, what matters in traffic you get then where you rank on who's browser :)


  • Really interesting stuff. Thanks.

    I was aware that some computers or browsers gave different SERPS results, but never had any idea why.

    Now we know!

  • Yeah really we cannot cheat twitter lol. Nor we can outsmart average twitter user, it is all because you have to pass an IQ test before you are allowed in there.

    And Google knows all the bots by their names. Sure thing.

    On a serious note, to judge content quality based on tweets will only work well for NEWS, and nothing else. For all other content, Google is much better off by recording user responses to the SERPs and adjusting SERPs to reward sites that attract user clicks and where users end their searches. But they are already doing it for a year or two, and that did not change the basics of SEO.

    However, I would agree with you that it is about time to reduce the weight of backlinks to the lower level, and start giving more weight to the real users responses to SERPs. It will then become much harder for SEOs to manipulate their rankings for any decent traffic keywords.

  • Bill Jeffels

    Wow Brad,

    Amazing information. I'm a copywriter and have studied everything Gary Halbert.

    And the time that I've been getting your information I would have to say your the Gary Halbert of SEO and IM.

    Also, I like your Mercedes... Lol!

    All the best,

    Bill Jeffels

  • What's up man..

    This was some really good stuff, and I came across it totally by chance (on your Facebook status update), but I'm happy as hell I did. I have several clients I do SEO for, and to be honest I could never explain for sure why there was a difference in rankings between computers or users. I need to check out Wired too, I was just at Barnes & Noble haha.


  • Thanks Brad,

    Once again you have provided us with some great information. I am happy to now have the answer for why google search results can be different based on browsers, users etc.

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