Facebook ads opportunities

Mukul Verma and I discuss how great the Facebook advertising platform is and how most people don’t understand how powerful it is. We discuss targeting everything from local residents to marital status.

  • Thanks Brad! Question: what's the best way to structure ad management pricing? I dislike the "pay us a fee per click" because that just encourages the firm to get you a bunch of click-throughs.

  • Which firm are you talking about?

    We only do PPC or CPM for our ad buys. For the most part both are effective.

  • Sorry I was unclear - Basically I have seen marketing agencies offer PPC/CPM ad management but they charge fees to the client on a per-click basis. That means it is in the agency's best interest to get as many impressions/clicks as possible - which is not always what is best for the client! The client might pay $1 per click instead of $0.30 for example. Wouldn't it seem better to charge a flat fee or even hourly rate instead?

  • Got it.

    Only short term thinking media buyers will do this. Getting you the most clicks will not get more than a test buy from you. Working with you to get an effective campaign will bring long term results.

    Most real media agencies and buyers know this :)


  • marklyford

    Great Video guys ! :)

  • Very useful - thanbks Brad.


  • I think this is the next thing we are going to do...you mentioned it in your course, and I still think it is highly under utilized. Interesting on how they show ads, based on maritial status, likes, etc. I gave you a Digg for this.

  • Hey Guys great video!
    A lot of great points.
    My experience with Facebook ads is it definitely does drive traffic! We have millions of impressions with a CTR of 0.023%. I wish they would add more cities to better target your area.

  • Great doing the interview with you Brad...you got a lot of value to offer on Facebook Ads

  • If you have never used facebook ads this is the perfect STARTER video! I can remember the frustration we used to have at the office when Brad's ad's (I'm a rapper from way back btw lol) would get denied for who knows what! So many good what not to do lessons for sure!

  • Awesome stuff brad, I stumbled this video! Plenty of people should be watching this video

  • Thank you so much James! I appreciate your support!!

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