Get on peoples radar if you want their help

Mukul Verma and I discuss the importance of being on someone’s radar online before asking them for help. It’s important that people recognize your name when you approach them for a favor.

  • Thx for the tips. It would be awesome if more successful people posted tips on how to get noticed by people.

  • I think we're all tired of people asking for free time, especially people who ask questions that they could Google the answer to. This was a good discussion. We must have been on the same wavelength, because I also created a post on my blog:
    How to Find an Internet Marketing Mentor
    Good advice to have them call after business hours!

  • jakelangley

    Jake Langley here (formerly of the awesome Accidental Network). Wow Brad, I really like your stuff. It's not often a website can hold my limited attention span like yours does. Way to go. I hope things are going great for you.

  • Hey Jake how have you been?

  • jakelangley

    Doing good. I'll FB you.

  • You need to establish personal relationships before business relationships. Keep the good info coming.

  • Brad, glad you shared this tip with your readers. They will really enjoy it. It stuck with me when you first said this that I had to share it with my blogs viewers. Thanks and it was great doing the interview.

    (note - people in the video may appear bigger or smaller then in real life)

  • nobleroberson

    great tips, i have learnt so much from your videos in that last few months. Thanks for the help.

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