Who are the gatekeepers to your success?

I thought of this topic yesterday because I am the type of person who never takes no for an answer. Yesterday a gatekeeper denied my new software from credit card processing. Many people would get angry and give up but I never even felt for a second that this was going to stop me from getting my product sold.

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    This is such great advice, Brad. When you come up against problems, the very best way is to remain calm and to be polite and ultimately that's what gets you ahead.

  • I agree 100% never take no and don't lose your cool. Internet gatekeepers are often keyboard warriors and big tough guys hiding behind their computers. Nothing pisses me off more. Whenever I lose my cool the results are negative. If I'm calm and cool results usually are favorable.

    One thing that works quite well is trying to put the person in my shoes ie "if you were me would you be happy about this?" "can you see how it looks from my point of view?" Once you get them on your side you can usually see if they can be squeezed and used to help you or if you have to go over their heads. If a gatekeeper pisses me off and I know someone above them I usually don't take their shit for long.

    Surprisingly one tactic I've used with ZERO success is saying how disappointed I am with their company and indicating my business relationship with their company may be over. I had a horrible stay at the Vdara hotel in Vegas. I spoke to at least 5 employees (including a few managers/supervisors) and not one of them REALLY tried to get my business back. I clearly said I'd never be back and none of them had a response. I was shocked. I think it goes to show a lot of employees don't care about the companies they work for.

  • Regarding your school comment. Damn nothing pisses me off more than how my teachers were. I vividly remember my last year of university. I can't remember the course but it was a course given in your last semester preparing you for the "real world". The teach asked the class what people expected to make once they left school. I remember one guy proudly saying $30k to $35k. The teacher ripped him. Saying his expectation were too high. I couldn't help but burst out laughing at her (the teacher) on the spot. at the time I was making more than double that monthly. I really wish I would have had the balls to speak up and tell her to STFU and tell people if you want it it's there for the taking.

    Btw I thought I was the only one that had been suspended it looks like it's either a pre-requisite to being an internet entrepreneur or something about the people drawn to Brad LOL

  • I think it takes a rebel personality to unlearn public education training. One of the best teachers told me if you want to be a millionaire leave high school now. I quit without completing grade 10 and never looked back.

    I think University and college is a great way to start someone out in debt with minimal means to repay it.

    The best slaves are the ones who THINK they are free my friend.

  • Maureen Thornton

    Thanks Brad for saying such nice things about your Mom :D

  • Brings back the memory of getting suspended. My son, a junior in high school, was in private school until last school year. The last 1.5 years have been eye opening experience on what public schools really teach -- Compliance without Question--. Let's just say my son is very independent and has no problem questioning authority, especially when they are wrong. Makes me so proud as a Dad that he is an independent thinker.

    Now I have a better idea of how to teach him to work around being told NO. But, to take that as an opportunity to find a new solution in a respectful manner.


  • Public school is dumbing down society. It's sad really.

  • That would explain a lot of your philosophies.
    Kevin O'Leary had the same philosophy - he quit a job because he was unwilling to pick up gum from the floor of an ice-cream parlour. He determined right then that he would never work for anyone else ever again - hence the beginning of a $6 billion dollar empire. Just because someone has authority doesn't mean they're necessarily right.
    Most of us take it personally when authority says "no" but is sometimes just a difference of opinion.

  • I loved watching his story this week. I'm a huge fan of his.

  • Agreed, sometimes you have to stand up and be heard.

  • Yeah my parents were not that understanding when I got suspended or etc...

    Sometimes I am the gatekeeper to my own success (as I am sure many others are due to lack of confidence)

    Thanks, great video and I agree a professional response works very well.


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