Choosing a good web hosting plan

This never occurred to me as a topic because I have been running racks of my own servers for over a decade.

I was talking to a friend last week who was about to scale his business up dramatically. I asked him about his hosting and he was on a $30 per month unlimited hosting plan. So I read the fine print of his contract for some pretty eye opening “limits” on his “unlimited” plan.

Needless to say my friend is now setting up a dedicated server to ensure his sites and clients will have flawless connectivity. My advice is to read the fine print is you are planning to scale up.

  • Big EYE opener here - I was on an "unlimited" plan and the fine print was anything but unlimited.

    Another thing with the cheaper hosts is you better have some kind of service that monitors up time on your site. My first host choice would be fine and stable every time I checked it out - but Brad (once again lol) pointed out some huge down times on European servers that I would never have noticed.

    One last point - is customer service. I know from working with Brad that his hosting is absolutely top notch and I have seen him in the middle of a meeting, email his host, and then the next thing we know WordPress is installed on a new domain and the login information has been emailed to us...before the meeting is done.

    With my host (I'll leave out names since Brad did) I contacted live customer support because I wanted to begin work on a WordPress site before a DNS switch occurred. This is as simple as temporarily changing a couple fields in the MYSQL database. I had done it before, but I forgot exactly what tables I had to I asked Live Support and I was told that this was "impossible". He repeatedly told me that this was impossible even AFTER I told him I had done it before.

    In the end I got him to admit it was possible but he didn't know how! Well why not forward me to someone else instead of outright lie because you don't know the answer. Very frustrating. There are a lot of websites and forums out there where you can research your hosts - I would definitely encourage people to check their potential hosts out as much as possible.

  • Being new to the Internet Marketing game I was looking for a hosting service that would help me get me going, I was really surprised at how limited some of the unlimited plans really are. Thankfully they are cheap enough that someone just starting out can easily get up and running then once plans start coming together move to a better service.


  • jakelangley

    I really wish I needed something that big. The cheap ones still work for me. But great advice nonetheless.

  • Nice screen,

    How big would you say to be on a dedicated hosting, I got websites that are hitting upwards 3,000+ visitors a day and am on a go daddy makes me wonder how big is big?


  • Love the White Screen!

    I couldn't agree more. We have a rather large hosting setup so whenever I hear a friend is looking to get one of these entry level hosting packages i usually offer to host them for free. It costs me nothing and prevents them from signing their first born away ;)

  • GREAT tips here Brad. I know I have changed my entire hosting plans for my membership program as a result of this kind of advice from Brad. Like many people, I did not read the fine print on my "cheaper" hosting company's policy. Once Brad showed me the fine print, I immediately started shopping for a better solution.
    For what I need, I am happy to part with the few hundred dollars a month in exchange for the peace of mind knowing that my sites and my client's sites have guaranteed uptime, backups and support!

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