What kind of animal is this?

So I found this cute little thing swimming in my pond and I think he lives in some kind of stick nest or den. I got this image with my telephoto lens just before he went under water.

Any animal experts know what this could be?
What should we name him/her?

  • JustGuessin

    It looks like a beaver to me!

  • Looks like it's a muskrat :)

  • No idea, but test out http://www.google.com/mobil... which is suppose to use pictures to do google searches.

    Name is "blogger" and it can be friends with spammer :)


  • It's gotta be a beaver. Will there be a prize and when do we get the mgoods on this guy?

  • John Kane

    Looks like the dreaded Chupachabra! which was a result of US Miliary Genetic Experiments to domesticate Devil Dogs collected from the underworld Agartha.
    Admiral Byrd brought back a breeding pair back in 1947 on the expedition to 'The Hollow Earth'.
    The animals were not unlike those cute cuddly furry gremlins until they were fed after midnight or they got wet.
    SO, consider yourself blessed to have gotten so close to one of those demons and a wet one at that! Amazing.
    They must have wanted this photo to leak out for some unknown reason because if it wanted to, you would have been its supper.

  • I can say with certainty that you have a young beaver there. He's just a little guy which is why I can see that some have thought muskrat. Check out my father's DVD on the subject. Crazy, right? Johnny Thorpe is also a wood carver.

    I'd keep my eye on 'em - Shane's right, he (or she) will follow the path of beaver ancestors and begin building and will start by eating your trees - fair warning.

  • Yep, definitely looks like a beaver. He'll probably re-construct your entire pond. They build some seriously impressive dams, these critters.

  • timthach

    Sorry about the unintentional second post.

  • timthach

    River Snipe, first cousin to the Gutter Snipe/

  • After analyzing several pictures of muskrats and beavers (WARNING: do NOT Google "beaver pics" while at work! Don't ask me how I know.) I have to say this looks like a beaver. A muskrats nose is narrower, and not quite so big.

  • That's a beaver.

  • Betty Beaver or Mikey Muskrat. Muskrat aren't the fat though...the are big rats I thought with a long skinny tail. I saw one the other week walking the dog, so my money is on Beaver.

  • I just took a look at a Canadian nickle sitting on my desk (it was buried underneath all of the hundred dollar bills I leave lying around) and the beaver on my nickle looks nothing like this picture.

    My Corrie seems to be a smart lady so I'm going to agree with her. Muskrat.

    Have you named him yet?

  • amy

    It's a dirty pickachu, lol.

    Actually, I think it's a muskrat... hair's too long to be a beaver.

  • Count me as choosing beaver too - they won't build a dam if they find a pond deep enough - could be burrowing into your island as a den :)

    Cute, either way

  • It's DEF. a muskrat which is like a beaver but doesn't have a tail!

  • I would vote beaver as well but can't be certain without seeing its tail.

  • nessa

    looks like a beaver.

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