My Top 10 Referring URL’s

I am often asked where I received my blog traffic from. Since you’re referring URLs are not really a big secret these days I thought I would share them with you. These statistics are pulled from my Google analytics account. Surprisingly all of my traffic sources in the top 10 are free 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what a bounce rate is, it is the percentage of people who leave after visiting one page of your website.

  Source/Medium   Visits Pages/Visit Avg. Time on Site % New Visits Bounce Rate
1. (direct) / (none) 1,311 1.91 00:02:10 63.69% 68.27%
2. google 1,202 1.94 00:01:57 71.30% 75.62%
3. 799 1.48 00:01:07 73.97% 78.85%
4. 498 2.07 00:03:12 26.51% 64.06%
5. 382 2.35 00:03:01 73.30% 62.83%
6. 190 2.07 00:01:54 47.89% 60.00%
7.  70 1.34 00:01:05 90.00% 87.14%
8. 56 1.38 00:02:09 30.36% 76.79%
9. yahoo / organic 44 1.32 00:00:53 77.27% 81.82%
10. 32 2.62 00:03:19 21.88% 37.50%



  • Brad, great share on this blog.

    I may follow your steps once again and share it. I can start here that I share some of your top 10
    - Digital Point
    - iSell (classifieds)
    - You Tube
    - MarchMadnessGifts (this will only be here this month, its a giveaway)
    - aweber forum

    Not on my list
    - digg
    - twitter
    - linked in

    Interesting comparison, similar websites

  • Cool! I'm glad my site is one of your traffic sources. And yes, is definitely in my top ten. I have not run the official numbers but I think your site is my #5 referring site!

    The real lesson is, cross promotion of your site with likeminded business people creates a win-win situation. Get out there and create some cool partnerships.

  • Brad:

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    I hope you do not mind but sharing my top ten referal url's is something I am going to do for my blog readers as well.

    You have a very high percentage of new visits and that is awesome. As for the bounce rate, is this something you pay much attention to?

    - Rick

  • Feel free to do so yes :)

    Bounce rate is not a metric I like to optimize by. Some of my best selling websites have a 90% bounce rate.

    All it means is that people come to one page and leave. I get most of my individual posts picked up by the search engines so I think that plays a role. If you are researching a topic then you visit the page you find and that's it.

  • Jai

    me too surprised no youtube in your list. i hope you have a youtube channel?

  • Mike

    I'm surprised that You Tube is not in there. I'm sure you don't make it a priority but it could be a good opportunity with all your videos. Thanks.

  • I am not sure why to be honest. I think they rank like #14. I don't think I get too many related views.

  • I'm late to this, but look at this page --

    Why would you expect YT to send you any traffic? That one little link?

  • Great share Brad. That's impressive that your top 10 traffic sources are free, guess the old saying really is true that the best things in life are free.

    That's the first I've ever heard of - I'm going to check it out right away!

  • The dogs must be loving the weather! I know mine were pretty excited to get out to the park.

    Cool video, on my site I am also notice a StumbleUpon "spike". Not huge numbers, but it is getting more consistent. About 12% of my traffic for March came in through Stumble. was in my top ten as well LOL A whopping 1%, but I didn't know that site still existed.

  • Thanks for sharing your free traffic sources...Good stuff

  • Another tough day at the office? Thanks for the information. Nice monthly(?) traffic.

  • I actually have 263 unique referrers. That list is the top 10 and yes its monthly :-)

  • LOL Loving the weather aren't you? Nice background.

  • I plan to shoot most of my video posts outside (weather permitting). We get so little good weather in Canada that it needs to be taken advantage of :-)

    Speaking of which the grass should be clean enough to go golfing soon!

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