Unplug The News Media From Your Life

April is National Stress Awareness month. I am a big hater of stress and I go out of my way to combat it with guided meditation, yoga, exercise and positive thinking.

This month I am going to touch on a few stress reducers everyone could use. Today I talk about the news media and how much better life can be without the news. Most of the people I know who watch the news all the time have a negative outlook on the world and people in general. The news shows 13 negative stories for every one positive story. That’s by design. Think about that the next time you want to “unwind” in front of the TV.

  • This is great!!!!!!!!!! I watch the news sometimes, but you are so right in what you are saying. As for watching TV period I can't stand to watch commercials anymore. And they have more of them then they do the show that is on. What happened to Mr. Whipple and squeezing the Charmin? That was a good commercial. Now it is all about what what drugs we need to take.
    I'm with you when it comes to TV, thanks

  • Excellent post, Brad. You're absolutely right: Following the news doesn't do much but put more negative messages in your head and if you stop doing it, you won't actually ever miss out on the news, because people talk about it.
    I haven't had a TV in years and I wouldn't want it any other way.

  • Ditto Brad. I cut out news over a year ago. I have been told I am ignorant of current events so I like your perspective about how to turn that around as a point of curiosity in a social setting. When I happen upon news now, it's as though it violates my ears and my peace. Major news does get to you. In those instances, you can have a look and get what you need from it. I have chosen to do things that help others in those instances where there is something of global proportions going on (like Haiti). Otherwise, I find I am more effective in everything that I do because of the positive energy I surround myself in. Great post! Thanks. Caroline

  • Guest

    This just in... people that don't watch the news spontaneously catch fire. Larry King is interviewing some firemen about it later tonight. Can you really risk missing it? :)

  • Debra

    I quit the news almost 8 years ago and TV 5 years ago. I highly recommend it. I'd like to campaign to have the trashy magazines removed from supermarket check out lines...that's the worst kind of "news" out there.

  • nobleroberson

    I stopped watching the news after Sept, 11th. I really liked this video and we don't watch alot of TV at our house but, i would like to take the challenge and take a 30day timeout from the TV.

  • Brad this might be my fav post from you so far. You have totally persuaded me to shut off what little news I was following. I have already caught myself a couple of times before clicking over to a news website.

    I watched this video with my wife last night and she was really glad to hear your idea about using the fact that you don't watch the news as a conversation starter. Because we don't follow the news very much, she was typically worried that people who find it weird that she didn't know any of the stories going on. Your perspective is much more interesting. Take your lack of knowledge about a story and ask someone to give you their perspective. It is a great opportunity to make a new friend and to let someone bring you up to speed on a story...without the negative hype that media weaves into it.

    I am interested to hear how many people agree with your perspective. I know there are some people that would outright laugh because they treat the newspaper like gospel. At the same time, there seems to be a mass wave of people who totally agree with you and refuse to expose themselves to the hype any longer. I am in the latter of the 2 categories along with you!

    Keep these kind of videos coming. Awesome!

  • I am not a news guy myself. I think my major issue with news is trust - as Brad knows I might be a touch cynical...so me trying to put that aside while the news force feeds me their side of events is kind of fruitless.

    I will never give up spots highlight shows though! No one can take those from me! lol

  • This is very true.

    I am selective where I get my information from. On Vacation I learned soo much that I did not know from Sandra Bullock to US Health care from standing in line at Wal-Mart or in airport where the news was on.

    Guess what, you will learn how little you miss by not watching the news.


  • jakelangley

    You're so right about that. People love to hear about the suffering, or victimization of others, so the news gives them a hefty dose. But not only is the news designed to grab your attention, it can also be inaccurate.

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